We always want to complete things, and it makes everything interesting when it comes to the psychology of money.  It is the reason why all the offers you get are for 9.99 or 99.99.  It makes you feel it’s cheaper than 10 or 100.  It is also why we stand at the gas station filling the car with fuel and are never happy if the pump reads 37.98 or 38.02.  We want exactly 38 in the tank, not – or + .02 either side.

Part of the reason I mention this is that we are moving to a world of electronic ledgers.  In so doing, we must remember the psychology of money, as money is a real thing.  Money dominates our lives and allows us to reward our desires or to have to postpone them.  How do we control our balance in a digital world?

I wonder this myself.  I have multiple credit card accounts, a wide range of investment vehicles, a small number of loans and a mortgage.  I have no idea of my net balance.