Is there really such thing as an “untacklable” or unstoppable brand? After two decades as a brand consultant, my gut reaction is, “of course not, any brand can meet its demise through mismanagement, malfeasance and a host of other activities whether in or out of control of the leadership”.

Although, not so fast…

It seems as though the NFL’s offseason (or in season for that matter) is beset with ever growing scandal each year. From a commissioner who is perceived as anti-labor to domestic abuse, animal cruelty, drug abuse and more by players. Organizations who hold their municipalities’ hostage in negotiations for facilities. Teams accused of outright cheating, which many thought would be the death sentence for the league, challenging the very integrity of the game.

All of that said, anyone who thought that the NFL would suffer any financial impact from any of this, clearly has never set foot in an NFL venue on game day. The fans, the truest example of fanatics, will not be deterred. Full disclosure, I am a big fan of the NFL, in particular the Pittsburgh Steelers (who have had their own issues), but nonetheless I am fascinated by the resiliency of this brand which has faltered so grandly and on such a public stage yet is immune to any financial repercussions.