The chatter in the lunchrooms, locker rooms and Boardrooms is aimed at piecing together the meaning and ramifications of such global money events.

Meanwhile, oil prices plummet. Bananas are dying of a worldwide fungus epidemic. California is still dry. And the Dow soars hundreds of points.

If you’re like many people, these situations make you nervous and unsure of what to do. With short-term interest rates at near zero and long-term bonds paying paltry returns (with the promise that their values will collapse at the first Fed tightening), there doesn’t seem to be a safe haven anywhere. What to do? What to do?

Let’s start by considering history, your expectations and what factors drive your thinking and actions.

History: It’s no secret that there are recessions, expansions, stable periods and even global depression in our history. It happens. Business cycles, changes in technology, shifts in population, famine, war, scandals and new discoveries all add to the goulash of results that occur in world markets. Somehow, businesses emerge, businesses fail, companies prosper, shareholders participate in the failure and success. There is no straight-line or any predictive factors that can assist investors in always making wise choices. There are simply too many variables.