This article originally appeared on SEI’s Practically Speaking Blog

Last week, my family and I took a much needed, end-of-summer, before-the-start-of-school vacation to Colorado.  There was no cell service on the long hikes up the mountains and I certainly didn’t  pull out my phone to check email when I was at 9,800 feet with 360° views for 100 miles (Devil’s head lookout, check it out).  But, as Lloyd Bridges’ character said in the movie Airplane! “Looks like I picked the wrong time to give up {insert your punch line here}.

Although I was busy taking in the views during the day, I still saw the news at night, including the pictures of Wall Street traders looking concerned, frazzled and exasperated.  Has anyone ever noticed how silly those pictures look in the headlines and websites during market downturns?

What? No Panic?

It seemed like every day last week (and most of this week) we saw hundreds of point swings in the equity markets.  Down 300, down 400, up 600, down again 400, and so on—the indexes looked like a super ball thrown from a tall building.  And while the markets were bouncing up and down (and maybe still are) the best news is that it seemed that almost every advisor that I talked to during this week said their clients were not panicking.  There were no huge sell orders or “get me out of the market” phone calls.