Working with boutique ETF issuers, index providers, white label platforms, asset managers turned ETF sponsors, ETF managed portfolio strategists and RIAs that invest solely with ETFs, we’ve seen and heard from a wide range of the players in the business.  Just about everyone wants to know how they can make their PR and marketing efforts a success.

Whether we are brainstorming blog post ideas, coming up with messaging points around a new product or prepping a client for their next TV appearance, we are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to articulate what makes the story different. The surge in popularity of ETFs and the increasing number of new products and new issuers coming to market has made it increasingly difficult to stand out without the right marketing approach.

But, the success of one product that we helped launch in November 2014 is instructive for the overall outlook for the ETF business and new products coming to market.  PureFunds, in conjunction with ISE ETF Ventures, launched the first – and currently only – cyber security ETF.  The product’s ticker, HACK, earned the distinction for “ticker of the year” from  But, it was the ETF’s direct focus on an unexploited segment of the market that made it primed for success. Cyber security, as well all know, has become a frontline issue for businesses, governments and individuals as information thefts, cyber attacks and digital criminals have become routine in our headlines for nearly 18 months.


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