I’m busy blowing through emails last week and I stumble upon an article titled:  “Can a financial advisor improve your sex life?” and I stopped cold…I’m totally clicking on this!  [I even joked with a colleague of mine that I couldn’t believe I saw this.]

Disruptive marketing techniques always intrigue me and Rodney Ballance did just that – he disrupted my usual day with a title that literally reached out and grabbed my attention.  As I clicked the link I just kept thinking, “I hope this delivers!” And it did!

We don’t have to get into the actual content of Rodney’s article because you really should go out and read it – he makes a valid argument to his point.  What I’m truly interested in and want to make sure we don’t make light of is using different marketing tactics to grab attention.  We have mere seconds to be in the face of someone – are you sure you’re content is resonating?

Read more at Iris.xyz.

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