ETF Trends
ETF Trends

Exchange traded fund strategists have put a face to the ETF industry, helping investors back experienced asset managers with a strong conviction in the marketplace. On Friday, Windhaven Investment Management, one of the largest ETF portfolio managers, announced that it is appointing Liz Ann Sonders as the new chair of its Investment Committee.

“Liz Ann brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on investment strategy and the markets and a deep understanding of Windhaven’s unique investment approach,” Bryan Olson, President of Windhaven Investment Management, said in a press release. “In her role as Chief Investment Strategist at Schwab, she has been highly sought after for her macroeconomic and securities markets expertise, appearing regularly on national media and serving in 2005 on the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.”

Sonders will be stepping in, as Steve Cucchiaro, the founder and former Chief Investment Officer, leaves the company after overseeing operations over the past three year period. Cucchiaro was ahead of his time, creating ETF portfolios and producing an admirable track record. You won’t meet a nicer guy.

In the ETF industry, there aren’t many charismatic characters behind fund strategies as many ETFs are passive, index-based offerings. However, ETF strategists help bring some personality to the industry. Investors can now put their trust in expert managers with some conviction in their eyes. [ETF Asset Managers Offer Up Their Own Unique Recipes]

Charles Schwab was smart to acquire Windhaven as it has been a good ride for both companies. Since Schwab’s 2010 acquisition, Windhaven’s assets under managemetn have ballooned to over $19 billion from $4.2 billion.

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