ETF Trends
ETF Trends

“By contrast, a competent ETF asset manager can compile four well-thought-out, age-based portfolios, diversified across an array of asset classes, at a blended cost of about 0.30%,” Arthur added. “That manager might opt to charge a management fee in the range of 0.50%. Together, the all-in cost would amount to 80 basis points, or $80 for each $10,000 invested.”

The ETF Strategist select a group of ETFs to match age-based risk profiles, potentially offering ETF managed portfolios for the young worker, middle-aged investor or those about to retire. [ETF Asset Managers Offer Up Their Own Unique Recipes]

Alternatively, an employer may opt to replace active mutual funds in a 401(k) for ETFs, but investors would have to pick and choose which ETFs would fit their investment horizon.

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