The credit quality breakdown includes AA 9.2%, A 40.4%, BBB 23.3%, BB 6.1%, B 15.0% and below B 6.2%.

Country allocations include U.S. 51.5%, U.K. 9.6%, Italy 4.5%, Russia 4.5%, Mexico 3.6%, France 3.2%, Germany 3.0%, Brazil 3.0%, Hong Kong 2.9%, Spain 2.9%, Netherlands 2.7%, Australia 2.5%, Belgium 2.2%, Canada 1.5% and Colombia 1.0%.

Considering the low interest rate environment, potential investors should be aware that the fund will have an aggregate duration of two to 10 years. Duration is a measure of a fixed-income asset’s sensitivity to changes in interest rates – lower durations tend to translate to smaller portfolio changes due to rising interest rates.

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Max Chen contributed to this article.