Now that we’re in the homestretch of 2009, it’s time to look ahead to 2010. The technology sector was a standout during the recession and exchange traded funds (ETFs) could offer a wealth of opportunities in the coming year.

The technology sector is expected to rise above many others in 2010. Particular shares and companies are set for growth and earnings, so here is a run-down of the anticipated best-sellers from Scott Mortiz for The Street.

Amazon (NYSE: AMZN). Much as Google has, Amazon has also become part and parcel of the Internet revolution. Throughout the recession, Amazon continued to grow by viewing it as a business opportunity. Momentum should stay strong through 2010. (Why semiconductors are hot).

Comcast (NYSE: CMCSA). Comcast has made huge moves into mainstream and became more than an ordinary cable company. If the company’s $30 billion deal with GE is a success, it could find consumers more willing to pay for on-demand television and movies.

Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT). The challenge for Microsoft will be to retake some of the lost ground from the failures of Windows Vista and its foray into smartphones. Its new Windows 7 operating system is the crucial weapon in which to lead the attack. Microsoft seems to have gotten on board with the favored touchscreen user-control software, which should help the company gain ground. (What consumers are buying for the holidays).