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Elevation ETF Trust has come out with the first smart-beta, water sector-specific exchange traded fund that will select components based on factors like risk-to-return and yields. The new Summit Water Infrastructure Multifactor Exchange Traded Fund (NYSEArca: WTRX) began trading on Wednesday. WTRX has a 0.80% expense ratio. WTRX will try to reflect the performance of […]

Water stocks and sector-related exchange traded funds have rallied this year as investors turned to more conservative utility plays, but the sector may still have legs as the world confronts increasing fresh water scarcity. Year-to-date, the First Trust ISE Water ETF (NYSEArca: FIW) and PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEArca: PHO), which both track U.S. companies […]

Since many of us may be attending Memorial Day weekend pool parties (I know that I am, sponsored by one Scott Freeze, CEO of Street One Financial this coming Sunday), so why not cover the “Water” category within U.S. listed ETFs today? There are four products within this niche, the largest being PHO (PowerShares Water […]

With California’s epic drought grabbing headlines across the country, it might be logical to assume that water exchange traded funds delivering banner performances in 2015. In reality, the year-to-date performances by the four water ETFs widely diverge, indicating California’s drought has lifted some of these funds while being a non-starter for others. The First Trust […]

Investors can diversify their portfolios with exchange traded funds that target natural resources to diminish potential volatility associated with any single market sector or area. On the recent webcast, Riding the Falls in a Barrel: Mixing Oil and Water in a Portfolio, Mark D. Carlson, Senior Investment Strategist for Northern Trust Asset Management, explains how […]

Volatility in the energy market and water scarcity concerns on severe drought conditions in the west have helped raise interest in market sectors and exchange traded funds that cover the two areas. On the upcoming webcast, Riding the Falls in a Barrel: Mixing Oil and Water in a Portfolio, Mark D. Carlson, Senior Investment Strategist […]

World Water Day is marked each year on March 22 with 2015’s theme being water and sustainable development, an effort by the United Nations to bring attention to the need for new infrastructure to address water shortages resulting from such factors as pollution, decaying infrastructure, and shifting weather patterns. The World Energy Council estimates that […]

Investors can utilize water sector exchange traded funds to benefit from a parched country as a booming shale oil industry increases wastewater and heightened drought conditions dry up the West. The First Trust ISE Water ETF (NYSEArca: FIW) and PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEArca: PHO) both track U.S. companies that derive their revenue from products […]

As the world reviews the effects of climate change, global population growth and inadequate or aging infrastructures, investors can consider water industry-related exchange traded funds to capture potential long-term opportunities. For example, the First Trust ISE Water ETF (NYSEArca: FIW) and PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEArca: PHO) both track U.S. companies that derive their revenue […]

As energy production puts a strain on water resources in the coming decades, usable water will become an increasingly limited commodity. Investors can capitalize on the global thirst for water with exchange traded funds that focus on conservation and purifying potable water. “There is an increasing potential for serious conflict between power generation, other water […]

Water covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface yet we can’t get enough of it. As the world tackles with ways to efficiently utilize usable water sources, investors can use exchange traded funds to capitalize on the growing industry. Over the next 40 years, water demand from power generation is expected to double globally, which […]

The U.S. exchange traded fund universe has more than 1,400 products available and the number is still growing, with proposed SEC filings ranging from run-of-the-mill beta indexing funds to specialized, niche offerings. Eric Balchunas for Bloomberg points out that there are 982 ETFs waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve. While the majority […]

America’s aging water system will require an extensive touch up job. As the U.S. overhauls its infrastructure, water industry related exchange traded funds could pump out big returns. The Environmental Protection Agency calculates that the U.S. water infrastructure will require $384 billion in upgrades from 2011 through 2030, reports Mark Koba for CNBC. The non-profit […]

Water is reaching super-commodity status as it is always in demand and we rely upon a constant supply. As water infrastructure systems continue to age, the case for a water-focused exchange traded fund gets stronger, within a properly diversified portfolio. “There are estimated to be between 700,000 and 800,000 miles of public sewer mains in […]

The long term outlook for potable water remains uncertain, but the prospects for water becoming a valued commodity is not a matter of if, just a matter of when as the global population rises. “The increasing need for fresh water has emerged in recent years as a potentially lucrative long-term investment theme. The investment thesis […]

Water resources ETFs have rallied over 20% the past year to outperform the S&P 500 and are breaking out to multiyear highs. For example, PowerShares Water Resources (NYSEArca: PHO) is up 23% for the trailing 12 months. It is the largest ETF in the category with assets of $847 million and an expense ratio of […]

Water continues to be an interesting investment theme as investors search for pockets of the stock market that will give their portfolios growth. This natural resource has become a commodity and focused exchange traded funds remain a safe way to gain desired exposure. “While investors think about shelter and food, many overlook the other necessity […]

Exchange traded funds are one of the most efficient tools to use for accessing the niche water sector. The water industry is forecast to grow over time, as potable water supply will have trouble keeping up with demand. “Although it doesn’t produce the constant headlines like other commodities these days, water is irrefutably the most […]

The water investment theme can be played with exchange traded funds on a domestic or global  level. “As the world population increases, so does the demand for clean water. Global water consumption has increased nearly twice as fast as population growth in recent years. United Nations projections place global population growth at 30% by 2030, […]

An exchange traded fund that invests in water resources stocks is up 14% so far this year. “We need water for survival in its most basic definition, as well as for all our other needs such as industry, power and agriculture,”Amy Hardberger, an attorney with the Environmental Defense Fund, a non-profit organization , said. “Water […]

Exchange traded funds based on the water industry could be on the verge of major growth as rapid expansion and greater demand in the emerging markets drive the global water industry. According to Harri Kerminen, CEO of Finnish chemicals firm Kemira, the global water industry may grow to $800 billion by 2035, report Nina Chestney […]

With our focus yesterday on infrastructure-based exchange traded funds and the obvious implications on many emerging economies, we also note that the importance of the availability of clean water and industries centered around the treatment and transportation of water is pivotal in the build-outs that many of these countries and regions are currently undergoing. The […]

Oil exchange traded funds rose Thursday as crude futures climbed above $100 a barrel at one point, but Citigroup (NYSE: C) analysts say water could be the next big story in commodities markets. Citi strategists believe that water will become the most important physical commodity. Investors can play the growing demand for water with water […]

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource on a rising global population and other factors. Several exchange traded funds are designed to profit from this long-term trend, but some critics say the funds are too gimmicky. Still, the largest water ETF, PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEArca: PHO), has soaked up more than $1 billion in […]

There’s a water problem. Not just in the United States, but all over the world. As we hunt for a solution to the crisis, water exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an opportunity to play it. The water crisis affects all of us, and it impacts all industries. Case in point: Jim Jubak for MSN Money […]

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) rose on Wednesday, tracking a rally in European equities, as investors digested the results from a Portuguese government debt auction and awaited the Federal Reserve’s report on current economic conditions. European stocks are way up after he Portuguese government sold $1.6 billion in bonds. The auction was largely seen as a […]

Water wouldn’t rank near the top of the most exciting investments, but forecasts are calling for it to be a profitable one. Water exchange traded funds (ETFs) are a great way to get exposure to this unique commodity. The water bulls are out in force with their reasons for why this commodity could surge over […]

Water may very well be the next oil, except that it is actually a necessity to life itself. A new Water Index will be implemented to help firms determine water risks in areas of interest, benefiting the water industry and related exchange traded funds (ETFs). The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of […]

Water, our world’s essential building block and considered by some to be “the new oil,” is available to investors via exchange traded funds (ETFs) that cover the global water-business industry. If you’re interested in water investing, the first step is determining which investment provides the necessary exposure, and then decide which fund adequately delivers on […]

Sources for fresh, clean water are scarce. Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh. Global warming and growing populations may make this resource even more scarce. Water exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an easy way to play the search for new sources of drinkable agua. Kevin Grewal for Minyanville reports that at current global […]