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The European Central Bank may keep borrowing costs on hold, as inflation in the EU was surprisingly lower in May. It dropped to 2.7% from April’s 2.8%.  Exchange traded funds (ETFs) give investors the opportunity to participate in economic growth as they give broad-based exposure during a shaky “recovery”. “Looking ahead, euro-zone headline inflation is […]

While the developed European countries settle back to normal, albeit low, growth rates, Eastern Europe exchange traded funds (ETFs) could reflect the rocketing growth of emerging European nations. But as with any emerging market, there are some threats to be wary of. Vienna Insurance Group., emerging Europe’s largest insurer, remarks that the Austrian economy is […]

If you want to play the eurozone economy, but you don’t want any of that pesky debt crisis dragging your funds down, then you’d do well to consider Poland exchange traded funds (ETFs). While broad Europe ETFs have gained about 12% in the last six months, ETFs like iShares MSCI Poland Investable Mkt Index (NYSEArca: […]

Every year, we take the crystal ball out of a dark closet and examine it for clues about what’s in store for the exchange traded fund (ETF) industry in the coming year. Last December, we made 10 predictions about the industry for 2010. Did the crystal ball steer us in the right direction? Let’s find […]

European leaders have convened for a two-day summit to address Europe’s growing debt problem. While the outcome is uncertain at this point, exchange traded funds (ETFs) could give clues about how it’s going. Thing to Watch 1: Spain. The PIIGS are widely acknowledged to be the biggest trouble spots, and the E.U. will be focusing […]

There’s always a trend somewhere. Eastern Europe exchange traded funds (ETFs) are one area in particular that are enjoying a resurgence. Russia is often the first country to spring to mind when you think about the region. Frank Talk on US Global Investors reports that countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey are […]

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) were stuck in a lull at the beginning of the quarter. The markets soon struck a more positive note to wrap up the third quarter in a strong way. Let’s take a look at what ETFs investors were focusing on in the third quarter. Sugar. Speculation on rising demand for sugar […]

In anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s announcement later today, the markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are seemingly holding off on making any rash moves. As has been the trend over the last few days, it’s primarily international ETFs that are leading the charge higher this morning as domestic growth wanes. The top-performing global ETF […]

A successful bond auction in Portugal and the heady anticipation of President Obama’s job-stimulus proposals has exchange traded funds (ETFs) moving in a positive direction early this morning. The ETF Dashboard shows that the majority of ETFs moving higher today are internationally focused, led by iShares MSCI Poland (NYSEArca: EPOL), which is up 3.3%. Gold […]

Frontier market exchange traded funds (ETFs) present people with the opportunity to invest in regions and areas that would otherwise be unavailable for the average retail investor. These up-and-coming, rapidly growing countries may help diversify your portfolio. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to […]

Investment inflows into the fast-growing economies of Eastern Europe and their exchange traded funds (ETFs) may have slowed last year and into this year, but those in the know suggest that this isn’t going to be the case for long. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not […]

Out of the ashes of the financial crisis, emerging market banks have emerged stronger while developed market banks have languished. That makes emerging market financial exchange traded funds (ETFs) an interesting investment idea. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to pass. Information on this […]

iShares has expanded its family of single-country exchange traded funds (ETFs) in recent weeks. Their newest addition, tackling the fast-growing Eastern European country of Poland, comes at a time of growth and optimism in the nation. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to pass. […]