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Bulls are hoping emerging market ETFs aren’t getting ready to roll over on news that China’s economic growth has been stunted. The sector had just started to gain back favor and investors were dipping back into overseas markets, until this week. “People’s hopes that there would be a strong cyclical rebound in emerging-market economies in […]

Most exchange traded fund firms are partnered with prominent index providers to market their products, but a growing faction of fund managers are beginning to get into the indexing game. Some ETF providers are engineering products designed to reflect their own private indices, reports Ian Salisbury for Smart Money. ETF products try to reflect the […]

With global growth, copious liquidity and low interest rates spurring riskier investment strategies, emerging market equities and exchange traded funds have been among the most attractive assets this year. “The main argument for investing in international equities is for diversification through exposure to different countries and economies, slightly different sector weightings, and foreign currencies,” according […]

Exchange traded funds that invest in Brazil are among the top performers among single-country ETFs in 2012 thanks in part to a stronger real, although Brazilian stocks have paused for breath over the past week. Many Brazil ETFs are enjoying gains of 20% or more so far this year. Brazil is one of the four […]

Brazil has surpassed Great Britain as the sixth largest economy in the world. Exchange traded funds pegged to Brazil have had a tough year, but their longer-term performance record on steady economic growth remains solid. The iShares MSCI Brazil (NYSEArca: EWZ) is down about 25% year to date, but sports a three-year annualized return of […]

After more than doubling in 2009 and roughly flat-lining in 2010, the Brazilian equity market as measured by iShares MSCI Brazil (NYSEArca: EWZ) has faltered in 2011, losing 23.75% year to date. Currently, EWZ is clearly the giant in the exchange traded fund landscape as far as Brazil based equity ETFs are concerned, having amassed […]

An exchange traded fund following the movement of Brazil’s currency against the U.S. dollar has been rising after a steep pullback in late 2010 due to government intervention. The $410 million WisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian Real Fund (NYSEArca: BZF) is up about 7% year to date and more than 20% over the past 12 months, according […]

Van Eck announced it cut expense ratios for five of its Market Vectors exchange traded funds (ETFs). The changes are effective as of May 1 and are guaranteed for one year. The total net operating costs of these funds will in turn be reduced. The lower costs will also put the provider in a better […]

An investment strategist for exchange traded fund (ETF) manager iShares recommends investors keep an eye on Brazil ETFs and regional banks. Some analysts like valuations in regional banks and the potential for takeovers by larger rivals. There are plenty of regional bank ETFs to help investors gain well-rounded exposure to this area of the market. […]

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising to recovery highs as attracted headlines, emerging markets exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been the big stock gainers on the backs of strong economies since mid-March. The relatively quick uptick has pushed emerging market ETFs above their 50-day moving average. [Emerging Markets ETF Is A Buy, Goldman Says.] […]

President Barack Obama’s visit to Latin American countries may have proven influential for trade relations between the U.S. and subsequent economies. U.S. businesses, exports and jobs are topics that were hit upon, in hopes of hitting a turning point for markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs). The visits to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador  illustrated […]

The next evolution for emerging market exchange traded funds (ETFs) is here. Global X today launched two more unique ways to play emerging markets with the Global X Russell Emerging Markets Growth (NYSEArca: EMGX) and Global X Russell Emerging Markets Value (NYSEArca: EMVX). Emerging markets are typically associated with growth, but value has surged ahead […]

We noted in our 2011 exchange traded fund (ETF) predictions that small-caps were on track to be hot this year. But that’s not only in the United States. It’s not unreasonable to bet that if U.S. small-caps are doing well, then their international counterparts will fare equally as well, says The ETF Professor for The […]

After a lackluster close to 2010, Brazil’s exchange traded funds (ETFs) are ready to get going. There’s a new president, growth-friendly economic policies and a middle class that continues to emerge. For starters, Brazil’s central bank estimated gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 4.5% in the country in 2011. Some are even more bullish than […]

Most exchange traded fund (ETF) investors hold emerging market exposure, and Brazil may be the least risky, emerging market investment destinations out there. Here’s why. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come to pass. Information on this site should not be used or construed as […]

If you were wondering whether the World Cup actually delivered any meaningful benefit to the host country and exchange traded funds (ETFs) that track it, the proof that it does is here. The last World Cup helped South Africa’s economy generate $527 million and brought in more than 309,000 visitors, reports Christy Wyatt for Conference […]

Brazil has a new president, and with that, a new political agenda. Is the new leadership in Latin America’s hottest economy enough to goose Brazil exchange traded funds (ETFs) into 2011? President Dilma Rousseff is the first woman to ever hold the office in Brazil. Thanks to her tireless work ethic and natural leadership ability, […]

Brazil has become a magnet for foreign investors. Is exposure to the country via exchange traded funds (ETFs) right for you? The Good. Brazil’s macroeconomic changes are setting up the country with economic responsibility and international credibility, writes Cinthia Murphy for IndexUniverse. The country’s taxes are among the highest in the emerging markets, which is […]

With the support of the previous president, the new president of Brazil may continue to nurture the incredibly strong emerging market. Investors have been flocking to Brazil’s markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs), but the government may begin to limit the access for foreign investors. Dilma Rousseff, of the incumbent Worker’s Party, will become Brazil’s […]

Brazil’s run-off elections are scheduled to take place at the end of this month. Whoever the country’s new leader will be could determine the future of this growing economy and its exchange traded funds (ETFs). The country’s new leader will have big shoes to fill. The current president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is a […]

Uncertainty in the U.S. markets and poor economic readings have pushed investors to other top-performing exchange traded funds (ETFs), such as those that give exposure to Brazil. If you’ve been on the fence about this economy, read on. The Latin American country is rich in natural resources and a global leader in agriculture, comments Kevin […]

Brazil’s economy largely dominates South America, but other emerging Latin American economies are also showing some promise. Good news: there are exchange traded funds (ETFs) for them, too. The Brazilian Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles expects that the economy will continue to accelerate in the third quarter despite recent slowdowns, reports Gerald Jeffris for The […]

Political risk in this year’s Brazilian presidential election isn’t severe enough to faze investors. Latin America’s economy will see some healthy growth, led by the quickly-expanding Brazilian economy. Additionally, Brazil exchange traded fund (ETF) investors may now track the country’s financial sector. Investors are finding that the current presidential election in Brazil looks less risky […]

Brazil is a growing economy, and the country is expanding its infrastructure to accommodate its rapid growth. The growth of Brazil’s economy, along with related exchange traded funds (ETFs), has been quite impressive, but the Central Bank is stepping in to keep the economy from burning out. In addition to adding more infrastructure in anticipation […]

Emerging market exchange traded funds (ETFs) are always a tantalizing investment option. They hold the potential for great growth, but at the same time, increase portfolio risk. As the global economy continues to morph into unchartered grounds, emerging market ETFs will become even more intriguing. According to Citigroup, “Developing-nation shares will rally 20% to 25% […]

With well-established global economies and markets fighting to stay steady, emerging markets like Brazil and its related exchange traded funds (ETFs) seem like they are effortlessly expanding in comparison. For now, Brazil looks like an attractive location to stash away one’s wealth. That’s why, as of today, Global X has launched another Brazil-focused fund: Global […]

Increasingly, exchange traded fund (ETF) providers and investors are seeing the benefits of looking beyond broad emerging market funds. A new class of ETFs gives exposure to various slices of this segment, one of which is small-cap companies. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and may not actually come […]

Global X, the exchange traded fund (ETF) provider behind funds covering Colombia, the Nordic countries and silver miners, is out today with a new one: mid-cap corporations in Brazil. The Global X Brazil Mid-Cap ETF (NYSEArca: BRAZ) is the first fund to give investors pure exposure to Brazil’s mid-cap companies, defined as those with a […]

Last year, leaders from Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) floated the idea of conducting trade without relying on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. At the group’s second summit in Brazil last month, BRIC countries voiced the need for big changes that could add to the strength of their economies and related exchange […]

Yikes. Unemployment in the growing nation of Brazil rose 7.6% last month. The numbers, which are down from 9% one year earlier, may not do much to calm concerns that the Latin American country’s economy and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are overheating. The opinions and forecasts expressed herein are solely those of Tom Lydon, and […]