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Workers investing their hard-earned money in recent years have increasingly turned to target-date funds in 401(k) plans to prepare for future retirement. Some may also be able to consider exchange traded fund options, like quickly growing ETF managed portfolios in the separate accounts space. Target-date funds currently dominate 401(k) plans, where $700 billion in assets […]

By now, even the most remote tribes of the Amazon must be aware that interest rates in the U.S. may rise as a result of Federal Reserve activity. They’re lucky, because Fed activity shouldn’t have much of an impact on their lives. But for you and me, the people saving mainly through our 401(k) accounts? Reading the press […]

I am a big fan of automation. Maybe I watched the Jetsons too much when I was young? It’s not because I’m lazy, honest. But I love having freshly brewed coffee ready in the morning and how the Golden Gate Bridge automatically subtracts money from my account when I drive through (I love the ease […]

When market swings dominate the news, it’s easy to get anxious. A sure way to heighten your concern is to check your 401(k) balance. Current market conditions can be sobering—but for most of us, this should just be one stop on a long journey. If you can’t stand to sit tight, focus on these five […]

After a multi-year bull run in the U.S. equities market, many investors have tilted their retirement portfolios toward stocks to chase the returns. However, investors should still rebalance their stock, bonds and exchange traded fund allocations to manage risks. According to Fidelity Investments, the ix year bull market in U.S. stocks have exposed many older […]

John “Jack” Bogle, founder and retired CEO of the Vanguard Group, is a staunch detractor of exchange traded funds, but the fund veteran’s feelings may be biased as the ETF industry continues to grow. Bogle maintains that ETFs are a marketing innovation, warning retail investors about the investment vehicle as many would be tempted to […]

Americans’ retirement portfolios are falling short. However, Investors can utilize cheap, low-cost exchange traded funds to help maximize returns and save toward their golden years. According to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances, the typical working family at about 55 to 64 years old only has about $104,000 in retirement savings, reports Eduardo Porter […]

If you compare your current 401(k) menu options against what your plan offered ten or fifteen years ago, you are sure to notice something: there are far fewer choices. That may be frustrating if you have a passion for investing. But for most people, a streamlined investment menu is a good thing. That’s because most […]

Mutual funds dominate the 401(k) landscape, but an investor can opt for exchange traded funds in their 401(k)s if the employer includes a brokerage window, or self-directed 401(k), option. The brokerage window basically acts like a brokerage account embedded within the retirement plan, writes Adam Zoll for Morningstar. [Build a Diversified 401(k) Portfolio with Six […]

The nascent group of easy-to-use exchange traded fund manage portfolio strategies could be a good way for 401(k)-type saving plans to reduce costs and potentially augment returns. Kim Arthur, CEO of Main Management, believes managed ETF solutions might be the way of the future, reports John Wasik for Forbes. ETF managed portfolios is a quickly […]

In some circles, the 401(k) arena is viewed as a potentially massive growth frontier for providers of exchange-traded funds. The road to retirement planning paradise, however, has not been free of potholes for ETF distributors looking to cut in on the long-standing marriage between mutual funds and 401(k)s. Which leads us to some good news […]

After transparency regulations were put into effect in 2012, 401(k) investors are learning that fees have a large impact on overall returns. With exchange traded funds, savers can limit costs and maximize returns. When it comes to investing, fees matter. Stuart Robertson on Forbes illustrates an example between two hypothetical 401(k) plans: An ETF portfolio, […]

Everyone should be saving for his or her golden years. With exchange traded funds, an investor can create a diversified and low-cost 401(k) investment portfolio with just a few fund picks. John Wasik for Forbes points out that anyone can build a diversified portfolio with six ETFs and just adjust the ETF weightings depending on […]

In this installment of our Retirement 101 blog series, we’ll discuss how to afford saving for retirement even when times are tough. When the economy goes south, people often forget about retirement planning or just stop doing it because they think they can’t afford it. But the truth is that you can’t afford not to […]

In this installment of our Retirement 101 blog series, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to keep your 401(k) invested. Your 401(k) or other type of retirement plan generally offers the benefit of tax deferral—meaning you don’t pay taxes on this income or the growth you achieve until you withdraw the assets. While there may […]

Exchange traded funds provide liquid and low-cost exposure to the broader markets. However, defined contribution, 401(k) plans are not taking the bait. Executives at 401(k)s larger than $100 million show little interest in ETFs partly because current investment options in defined contribution plans, such as institutional shares of index funds, collective trusts and separate accounts, […]

You don’t have to spend much time scanning personal finance news to come across articles pointing out various flaws with the 401(k) system. Just recently, Slate.com told us the 401(k) world “sucks,” while Reuters published a more nuanced piece that asked, Are Employers with Auto-Enroll 401(k) Plans Less Generous? I’m tempted to respond to the […]

The Fidelity Investments and BlackRock expanded partnership made waves in the exchange traded fund business, but it may also influence the retirement account market as well. The new deal could push more employers to work with Fidelity in including a self-directed brokerage option within their plans, reports Nicole Seghetti for The Motley Fool. [ETFs and […]

Making inroads into the predominately mutual fund occupied 401(k) space, Charles Schwab is set to launch an exchange traded fund only retirement plan. Schwab announced that it will launch the ETF-only version of its Schwab Index Advantage 401(k) plan later this year, Financial Advisor Magazine reports. “Fund operating expenses for index ETFs are often lower […]

Exchange traded fund manager and public company WisdomTree (NasdaqGM: WETF) says it expects 401(k) plans and fee-based financial advisors to continue to adopt ETFs and drive the next round of growth in the business. WisdomTree recently announced a higher third-quarter profit as the asset manager sees money flow into its ETFs. [WisdomTree Quarterly Profit More […]

The mutual fund 401(k) retirement plan industry is under fire as new disclosure laws will give investors a glimpse of what they are actually paying for, providing a chance for the upstart exchange traded fund industry to jump in. At the end of August, the new Department of Labor rules on fee transparency will take […]

Exchange traded fund providers have banded together to lobby and gain market share within the huge 401(k) plan industry. The retirement business is one of the areas that ETF firms have been trying to break into, touting lower fees as a selling point. “Over the next 12-24 months, most of our industry sources highlighted distribution […]

Exchange traded funds continue to increase in number and popularity, growing to one of the most commonly traded securities on the stock exchange as both institutional and the average retail investor gain greater access to broad or specialized market exposure. Yet many individuals are unfamiliar with ETFs’ inner workings. In this ongoing series, we hope […]

The chief executive of exchange traded fund provider FocusShares says the business will begin to make “significant inroads” in 401(k) plans as fees become more transparent. However, some ETF experts think the financial products will have a tough time breaking into retirement plans due to administrative challenges and competition from traditional index funds. FocusShares CEO […]

Exchange traded funds have yet to make a dent in the trillion dollar 401(k) plan industry, dominated by mutual fund heavy weights. While new disclosure rules may help ease ETFs into more plans, there are some obstacles to overcome. When the average employee understands more about performance and the fees they’re paying, you’ll start seeing […]

Retirement planner ShareBuilder 401k will add five more exchange traded funds to its All-ETF 401(k) platform, expanding the available investment options and diversifying its ETF-based retirement plan. According to a press release, the 401(k) provider has added the following funds to its All-ETF 401(k) plan: iShares Gold Fund (NYSEArca: IAU) PowerShares General Commodities Fund (NYSEArca: […]

Invest n Retire has hired a veteran of the exchange traded fund industry to help the company produce innovative ETF retirement strategies and carve out a larger piece of the huge 401(k) market. The 401(k) ETF provider hired former State Street Global Advisors president Agustin J. “Gus” Fleites as its chief executive officer, reports Joe […]

While still trailing behind the mutual fund’s large presence in the 401(k) space, exchange traded funds are making inroads as companies like Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL) adopt the more efficient investment vehicle. Apple employees have the majority of their 401(k) assets in ETFs, according to a Bloomberg report. Many of the employees are already acquainted with […]

The exchange traded fund industry has cultivated a strong following in the marketplace, but it has not made much headway into mutual fund dominated 401(k) plans. However, more retirement investment firms are beginning to make the shift as the market becomes more transparent. ExpertPlan recently announced that it will add more than 900 ETFs, including […]

Charles Schwab Corp. is developing a 401(k) plan that will use only index-based exchange traded funds. The move could speed the adoption of ETFs in retirement plans, which are dominated by traditional mutual funds. This week, Schwab Retirement Plan Services rolled out Schwab Index Advantage, a 401(k) product comprised exclusively of index mutual funds with […]