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  • Shot Through The Heart With Risk to Blame

    August 29th at 7:30am by Tom Lydon

    The recent bout of capital market volatility is a good chance to revisit a fundamental component of capital markets and investing - risk. In some scenarios, risk seems intuitive and easy to understand.  In climbing, it seems pretty clear that free solo climbing (climbing without any aid) is...


  • In a Panic, Gold is a Store of Liquidity

    August 29th at 7:00am by AdvisorShares

    There is panic in the global capital markets and it is pervasive. Let us not mince words here: the fight today is not for a few pips in the EUR or a the continuation of the bear market in commodity related currencies, or the implications of the modest 4% devaluation of the Chinese Renminbi two...


  • El Niño Could Weigh on These Markets, ETFs

    August 28th at 5:15pm by Tom Lydon

    Meteorologists are already anticipating a strong El Niño event that could last through early spring. As the weather pattern strengthens, some markets and exchange traded funds could be adversely affected. A team at Nomura, led by Rob Subbaraman, pointed to countries that will feel the most pain...


  • Emerging Market ETFs With Some Of The Cheapest Valuations

    August 28th at 4:45pm by Tom Lydon

    Global markets were reeling earlier this week, but the sell off has left many emerging markets and country-specific exchange traded funds with cheaper valuations. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index plunged 11% in local currency terms this month, pushing 12-month forward price-to-earnings ratio to...


  • As Volatility Dissipates, Fixed-Income Investors Turn to Corporate Bond ETFs

    August 28th at 4:15pm by Tom Lydon

    Money managers and investors bargain hunting in the wake of the market correction, and some are looking into U.S. corporate bonds and related exchange traded funds after the asset underperformed Treasuries in a risk-off environment. For instance, since Wednesday, the iShares iBoxx $ Investment...


  • Best Trading Practices for Volatile Markets

    August 28th at 3:45pm by State Street Global Advisors

    Given the significant pre-market volatility, there was considerable uncertainty as markets were set to open on Monday, August 24. The subsequent trading events experienced that morning were a result of the price discovery mechanism being delayed across all financial products, including ETFs. In...


  • Perspective and Patience

    August 28th at 3:15pm by Vanguard Group

    I read a quip in the local paper over the weekend: The stock market takes the stairs up but the elevator down. As I felt the elevator begin its descent this week, my stomach lurched a bit, but I kept coming back to the fact that good investing requires discipline and a bit of courage. You need...


  • A Diversified ETF to Track a Strengthening U.S. Dollar

    August 28th at 2:49pm by Tom Lydon

    With the foreign exchange market swinging on central bank policies and the bout of volatility, one U.S. dollar exchange traded fund has been outperforming. Over the past three months, the PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Index Bullish Fund (NYSEArca: UUP), the largest USD-related ETF with $1.3 billion...