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4:01 PM EDT Mar 31, 2015
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Fixed Income ETF

SPDR DB International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETF is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund seeks investment results that correspond to the price and yield of the DB Global Government ex-US Inflation-Linked Bond Capped Index.

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50,405 -147.0%
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50 DAY 54.56 55.38 -1.5% 03-25-2015
200 DAY 54.56 57.72 -5.5% 09-09-2014
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Number of Holdings: 96

Other 0.459968%

Number of Holdings: 96







3.8% TSY 4 1/8% 2030I/L S... GB0008932666   - Long Term
3.7% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 2.2... FR0010050559   - Medium Term
2.5% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004243512   - Long Term
2.5% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004735152   - Long Term
2.5% TSY 1 1/4% 2055 I/L ... GB00B0CNHZ09   - Long Term
2.4% KOREA TREASURY ILB 2... KR1035037061   - Medium Term
2.2% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 1 0... FR0010235176   - Short Term
2.1% TSY 0 1/2% 2050 I/L ... GB00B421JZ66   - Long Term
2.1% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0005004426   - Long Term
2.1% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 3.1... FR0000188799   - Long Term
1.9% BONOS TESORERIA GENL... CL0000006990   - Long Term
1.9% MEXICAN UDIBONOS 4.5... MX0SGO000023   - Long Term
1.8% JAPAN GOVT CPI LINKE... JP1120181E49   - Long Term
1.8% DEUTSCHLAND I/L BOND... DE0001030526   - Medium Term
1.8% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004380546   - Medium Term
1.8% FRENCH TREASURY NOTE... FR0119105791   - Short Term
1.8% ISRAEL GALIL I/L MOD... IL0095903329   - Medium Term
1.7% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 3.4... FR0000186413   - Long Term
1.7% SWEDEN I/L BOND 3.5 ... SE0000556599   - Long Term
1.6% DEUTSCHLAND I/L BOND... DE0001030542   - Long Term
1.6% POLAND GOVERNMENT BO... PL0000103529   - Short Term
1.6% TSY 2% 2035 I/L STOC... GB0031790826   - Long Term
1.5% AUSTRALIAN INDEX LIN... AU0000XCLWE2   - Medium Term
1.5% MEXICAN UDIBONOS 2 0... MX0SGO0000B9   - Long Term
1.5% TURKEY GOVERNMENT BO... TRT230222T13   - Medium Term
1.4% TURKEY GOVERNMENT BO... TRT261022T10   - Long Term
1.4% JAPAN GOVT CPI LINKE... JP1120171DA4   - Long Term
1.4% TSY 1 7/8% 2022 I/L ... GB00B1Z5HQ14   - Long Term
1.4% TSY 0 3/4% 2047 I/L ... GB00B24FFM16   - Long Term
1.3% TSY 1 1/4% 2027 I/L ... GB00B128DH60   - Long Term
1.3% JAPAN GOVT CPI LINKE... JP1120161862   - Medium Term
1.3% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 1.8... FR0010447367   - Long Term
1.2% REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AF... ZAG000019944   - Long Term
1.2% TSY 0 5/8% 2042 I/L ... GB00B3MYD345   - Long Term
1.2% TURKEY GOVERNMENT BO... TRT010420T19   - Medium Term
1.2% POLAND GOVERNMENT BO... PL0000105359   - Long Term
1.1% ISRAEL GALIL I/L MOD... IL0095904319   - Long Term
1.1% DEUTSCHLAND I/L BOND... DE0001030500   - Short Term
1.1% REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AF... ZAG000096587   - Long Term
1.1% REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AF... ZAG000077454   - Short Term
1.1% AUSTRALIAN INDEX LIN... AU000XCLWAB3   - Medium Term
1.0% FRANCE (GOVT OF) .7 ... FR0011982776   - Long Term
1.0% CANADA-GOV'T REAL RE... 135087WV2   - Long Term
1.0% TSY 1 1/4% 2032 I/L ... GB00B3D4VD98   - Long Term
1.0% SWEDEN I/L BOND 4 12... SE0000317943   - Medium Term
0.9% CANADA-GOV'T REAL RE... 135087VS0   - Long Term
0.9% ISRAEL CPI-LINKED 2.... IL0011205833   - Long Term
0.8% CANADA-GOV'T REAL RE... 135087XQ2   - Long Term
0.8% TSY 2 1/2% 2020I/L S... GB0009081828   - Medium Term
0.8% SWEDEN I/L BOND .5 0... SE0003524669   - Short Term
0.8% BONO BCO CENT CHILE ... CL0000008178   - Short Term
0.7% MEXICAN UDIBONOS 5 0... MX0SGO000031   - Short Term
0.7% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0003745541   - Long Term
0.7% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004085210   - Short Term
0.7% CANADA-GOVT REAL RET... 135087ZH0   - Long Term
0.7% BONOS TESORERIA GENL... CL0000003039   - Long Term
0.7% AUSTRALIAN INDEX LIN... AU0000XCLWV6   - Long Term
0.7% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 1.3... FR0010850032   - Medium Term
0.6% KOREA TREASURY ILB 1... KR103502G362   - Long Term
0.6% SWEDEN I/L BOND 1 06... SE0005703550   - Long Term
0.6% FRANCE (GOVT OF) 1.1... FR0010899765   - Long Term
0.6% CANADA-GOVT REAL RET... 135087YK4   - Long Term
0.6% TSY 0 1/4% 2052 I/L ... GB00B73ZYW09   - Long Term
0.6% TSY 1 1/4% 2017 I/L ... GB00B0V3WQ75   - Short Term
0.5% TSY 1 1/8% 2037 I/L ... GB00B1L6W962   - Long Term
0.5% REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AF... ZAG000096603   - Long Term
0.5% ISRAEL CPI-LINKED .1... IL0011304834   - Short Term
0.5% AUSTRALIAN INDEX LIN... AU0000XCLWP8   - Long Term
0.5% JAPAN GOVT CPI LINKE... JP11201016C2   - Short Term
0.5% BONO BCO CENT CHILE ... CL0000002312   - Short Term
0.5% TURKEY GOVERNMENT BO... TRT081123T10   - Long Term
0.5% REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AF... ZAG000106980   - Long Term
0.4% ISRAEL CPI-LINKED 1.... IL0011280810   - Long Term
0.4% TSY 0 3/8% 2062 I/L ... GB00B4PTCY75   - Long Term
0.4% CANADA-GOV'T REAL RE... 135087UL6   - Medium Term
0.3% BONOS TESORERIA GENL... CL0002080597   - Long Term
0.3% MEXICAN UDIBONOS 2.5... MX0SGO0000A1   - Medium Term
0.3% BONO BCO CENT CHILE ... CL0000002874   - Short Term
0.3% TSY 0 1/8% 2024 I/L ... GB00B85SFQ54   - Long Term
0.2% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004682107   - Short Term
0.2% CANADA-GOVT REAL RET... 135087B94   - Long Term
0.1% KOREA TREASURY ILB 2... KR1035027T36   - Short Term
0.1% BUONI POLIENNALI DEL... IT0004545890   - Long Term
0.1% MEXICAN UDIBONOS 4 1... MX0SGO0000E3   - Long Term
0.1% Cash USD   - -
0.1% SWEDEN I/L BOND .25 ... SE0004211084   - Long Term
0.0% Cash AUD   - -
0.0% Cash GBP   - -
0.0% Cash CLP   - -