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11:00 AM EDT Oct 7, 2015
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  • Assets $10.0M
  • Expense Ratio 0.90%
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Commodity Based ETF

United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund LP is an exchange traded fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund's objective is to have changes in percentage terms of its unit's net asset value reflect changes of the price of Natural Gas delivered to Henry Hub Louisiana as measured by changes in %age terms of the price of an avg of the next 12 month's Natural Gas futures contracts on NYMEX.

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0.4% 0.1% -4.3% -3.5% -6.0% -11.1% -11.5% -35.8% -33.3% -68.0%
Last Close Volume
5,845 -41.3%
Trend on Last Close
50 DAY 11.18 12.40 -9.9% 08-13-2015
200 DAY 11.18 13.60 -17.8% 07-02-2014
-0.0165 0.069 0.002 0.065
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  • Two Energy Commodity ETFs to Close

    11-24-2014 02:05 PM by Max Chen

    Teucrium Trading, an exchange traded fund provider known for its commodity related investment options, announced that its crude oil and natural gas ETFs will be closed. According to a press release, the Teucrium Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: NAGS) and Teucrium Crude Oil Fund ETF...

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  • Nat Gas ETFs Surge as Futures Top $5 for First Time Since 2010

    01-24-2014 02:16 PM by Max Chen

    Natural gas exchange traded funds are burning up, with gas futures breaking to a three-and-a-half year high, as the winter freeze keeps demand for heating fuel hot. The U.S. Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) jumped 7.2% Friday. The ETF is up 10.3% so far this year. NYMEX nat...

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  • ETF Chart of the Day: Gas Up

    01-06-2014 12:09 PM by Paul Weisbruch, Street One Financial

    Natural Gas prices have skyrocketed since early November but UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund, Expense Ratio 0.60%) has hit some resistance in recent sessions near the $22 level. This has not stopped the fund from pulling in new assets on heavier trading volume in the ETF, ...

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  • 2013ís Best Commodities ETFs

    12-20-2013 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    With the drubbing the commodities complex has taken this year, finding a multiple commodities exchange traded products with which to build a "best of" list would appear to be a daunting task. The major physically backed gold and silver ETFs are down 27.4% and 35%, respectively...

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  • Natural Gas ETFs to Play the Rally

    03-22-2013 04:30 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas traders are finally getting a break as lower inventories and rising demand helped supported a price rally. Investors can also capture the upside in the energy commodity through a number of exchange traded fund options. The largest natural gas ETF, United States nat...

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  • How Contango Can Affect Your Commodity ETF

    03-01-2013 02:16 PM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded funds have helped retail investors easily access various commodities assets. However, investors should know the risks associated with commodities investments that use futures contracts, which could lead to underperformance and even losses if you are not careful. ...

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  • 2013 Could Finally Be The Year for Natural Gas ETFs

    01-12-2013 06:24 AM by Tom Lydon

    U.S. Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) was launched in April 2007 and has lost money in every calendar year since then as the commodity's price has stayed depressed on a supply glut. However, 2013 could finally be the year that UNG and other natural gas ETFs end the rut. UNG ca...

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  • Natural Gas ETFs Heat Up as Market Moves into Backwardation

    07-24-2012 04:10 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas exchange traded funds are firing up as increased electricity usage to combat the scorching heatwave across the U.S. has pushed the natural gas futures market into backwardation. The United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) rose 10.8% over the last week and ju...

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  • A Natural Gas ETF Strategy To Capitalize On Contango

    04-19-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas prices are hovering around a decade low as the gas market lies in a persistent supply glut. Exchange traded fund investors, though, may still hedge against natural gas, but they will have to be smart about it. Over the last couple of years, new technology and refin...

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  • ETFs for Natural Gas

    02-21-2012 04:08 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas exchange traded funds have been on a four-year losing streak as improvements in extraction techniques helped create a glut in supply. However, natural gas prices may finally reverse as companies are beginning to cut back. EnCana (NYSE: ECA), a large natural gas pro...

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  • ETF Spotlight: Natural Gas

    02-08-2012 09:35 AM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded funds that track natural gas price movements are stuck in volatile back-and-forth trading and still remain one of the worst ETF sectors as wary investors weigh colder weather against the abundant supply. U.S. Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) is down 17.5% year-...

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  • Natural Gas ETF Tumbles 4% to New Low

    12-05-2011 01:22 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas exchange traded funds saw their recent gains vanish on Monday as the largest ETF for the sector fell 4% to a new record low. The $1.3 billion United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) dropped to a 52-week low to start the week. The ETF was down 34% year to dat...

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  • Natural Gas ETFs Rise on Inventories; Hedge Funds Cut Shorts

    12-02-2011 06:34 AM by Tom Lydon

    A natural gas exchange traded fund rallied Thursday on a surprise drop in inventories but has lost about a third of its value this year on falling prices and contango in futures markets. Prices have firmed a bit recently as hedge funds reportedly cut their bearish bets on the com...

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  • ETF Chart of the Day: Natural Gas

    11-22-2011 11:49 AM by Paul Weisbruch, Street One Financial

    This time of year, as we approach colder weather in much of the United States, natural gas exchange traded funds and notes often become more active than usual as traders posture themselves for potential moves in the gas futures markets, which are historically highly related to we...

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  • Natural Gas ETF Falls 3% to New 52-Week Low

    11-07-2011 10:59 AM by John Spence

    An exchange traded fund that invests in natural gas futures was down about 3% on Monday, falling to a new 52-week low on mild weather forecasts. The $1.3 billion U.S. Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) fell 2.9% to a low of $8.43 a share for the session.† The ETF is down about 3...

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  • Natural Gas ETFs Bounce After Pullback

    04-11-2011 07:29 AM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) following natural-gas futures were up more than 2% in early trading Monday, making up for at least some of their recent declines. However, temperate weather forecasts have dissuaded investors from betting on natural gas, which has sapped the heat f...

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  • What's In Store for Natural Gas ETFs?

    01-24-2011 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs) have seen mixed performance over the last year, but they could be heading into a protracted downtrend if the producers of the fuel are on the money. Producers have increased their bearish bets on the fuel to the highest levels in nearly...

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  • Traders Bet On a Natural Gas ETF Comeback

    01-10-2011 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Though natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs) are down today, the markets are betting that it won't be the case for long. Hedge funds and other large speculators raised their net-long positions, or wagers on rising prices, in four gas contracts by 94% in the seven days ended...

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  • Cold Weather Heats Up Natural Gas ETFs

    01-03-2011 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The cold snap sweeping the nation has been met with mixed reviews, but one area it has undoubtedly benefited is natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs). Natural gas futures recently hit a two-week high on a mix of factors: Colder-than-normal weather forecasts A slightly...

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  • Drilling Bans Could Boost Natural Gas ETFs

    11-19-2010 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Drilling in the large reserves of trapped natural gas in the east coast has kept gas prices, along with related exchange traded funds (ETFs), suppressed, but the cheap gas may mean a cleaner source for power generation. However, amid health and environmental concerns, one city is...

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  • Which Way Is Up for Natural Gas ETFs?

    11-11-2010 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs) took a hit yesterday after the supply glut that has pressured prices all year showed few signs of easing. Can it be called a bottom? It's easy to question the true direction of natural gas. After all, prices have been sinking for much o...

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  • Why Investors are Shunning the Natural Gas ETF

    08-30-2010 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The natural gas-related exchange traded fund (ETF) has hit a new low, trading downward as a result of rolling futures contracts. Pessimistic traders are dumping the commodity in favor of shorting natural gas. United States Natural Gas (NYSEArca: UNG) has been trading lower and...

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  • Summer Heat: Bad for Hair, Good for Natural Gas ETFs

    07-20-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    We're in the thick of summer and millions of Americans are cranking up the A/C (or taking refuge wherever they can find it). This has in turn sparked interest in the natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs). Sandy Shore for Associated† Press says that the uptick in the number ...

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  • Why Natural Gas ETFs Are Winners in BP Disaster

    06-17-2010 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Few are coming out ahead in the BP (NYSE: BP) oil disaster, but natural gas has emerged as one. As a result, the United States Natural Gas ETF (NYSEArca:UNG) has seen heavy upward momentum in the last two weeks. UNG is up more than 12% in the last two weeks. ETF Daily News rep...

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  • Commodity ETFs: Understanding Contango

    06-08-2010 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Commodities have been slumping lately as a slowdown in China's growth and the looming debt crisis in Europe have investors worried. Exchange traded funds and notes (ETFs and ETNs) have made commodity investing easier than ever. So, is this the time to invest before a possible tur...

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  • A New Trend for Natural Gas ETFs?

    06-04-2010 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas prices and exchange traded funds (ETFs) have languished as supply far outstripped demand - until now. In the last two weeks alone, the largest natural gas ETF is up more than 12%. The United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) has been trading higher nearly ev...

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  • Following the Gyrations of Oil and Natural Gas ETFs

    05-25-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    As worries about the economy and consumer confidence ebb and flow and supply reports fluctuate, oil and natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs) are being taken for a similarly wild ride. These commodities sure are sensitive these days. In the past six months, oil has plung...

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  • Commodity ETFs: Strategies to Play the Jim Rogers Bull

    05-03-2010 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The commodities markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs) have rallied hard in the past year, but now Jim Rogers, natural-resource investment guru, is even more bullish on raw materials as supply slowly lags behind growing demand. Speaking with Olivier Ludwig for IndexUniverse,...

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  • Natural Gas ETFs: Ready to Rumble?

    04-27-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    As fossil fuels become more scarce and global warming fears increase, the stage may very well be set for natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs). Get acquainted with the options to play this increasingly popular fuel now. Natural gas has a lot going for it - it's not only us...

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  • Contango and ETFs: What It Is, What You Can Do About It

    03-12-2010 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Investors love commodity exchange traded funds (ETFs), and with good reason. Aside from the usual benefits that ETFs offer, commodity funds deliver the kind of exposure to commodities that would otherwise be very challenging, very expensive or both. But not all commodity funds ar...

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  • Obama's Proposal Could Be a Win for Natural Gas ETFs

    02-24-2010 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    In some circles, there's no such thing as "clean coal." That's why President Barack Obama is going to give power plants a little incentive to use natural gas. If they bite, it could be a win for big oil and natural gas exchange traded funds (ETFs). John Dimsdale for Marketplac...

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  • Energy ETFs: Oil Industry Expands Its Horizons

    02-05-2010 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Oil and related exchange traded funds (ETFs) have experienced huge gains off its last year's low,† and energy companies have pocketed most of the change. However, the oil industry is expanding its options into other energy fields as it anticipates the eventual depletion of oil re...

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  • What CFTC's Proposal for Commodity ETFs May Mean

    01-20-2010 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been prodding and poking at commodities exchange traded funds (ETFs) for the last year, and the commission has finally made a decision and released a few proposals. The CFTC cited United States Natural Gas (NYSEArca: UNG) and...

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  • Brrr: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish On Natural Gas ETFs

    12-23-2009 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas futures and exchange traded funds (ETFs) faced headwinds earlier this year as regulatory hurdles and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) scrutinized providers after rapid price fluctuations. Now the tide has changed, and the natural gas bulls are out in f...

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  • Will Mergers and Acquisitions Stoke Natural Gas ETFs?

    12-15-2009 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The planned buyout of an independent natural gas producer by a major energy company underscores the belief that natural gas is the fuel of the future. The deal widens the scope of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that could benefit. Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) is planning on acq...

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  • Will the Cold Snap Heat Up Natural Gas ETFs?

    12-12-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Natural gas, along with related exchange traded funds (ETFs), finally saw an infusion of lifeblood. The price of natural gas surged this week as the supply of the commodity dropped and money from other areas of the market found its way into natural gas. On Thursday, natural ga...

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  • New Natural Gas ETF Expected to Begin Trading Tomorrow

    11-17-2009 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    United States Commodity Funds recently won regulatory approval for its newest addition: a 12-month natural gas exchange traded fund (ETF). The fund is expected to begin trading tomorrow. The U.S. 12 Month Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNL) has gotten the green light from regula...

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