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US Fixed Income ETF

PIMCO Broad U.S. TIPS Index Exchange-Traded Fund is an exchanged-traded fund incorporated in theUSA. The Fund's objective is provide total return that closely corresponds to the total return of its index.

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Last Close Volume
3,417 71.5%
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50 DAY 58.18 57.78 0.7% 05-01-2015
200 DAY 58.18 57.56 1.1% 05-04-2015
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  • TIPS and ETFs: Your Questions Answered

    09-22-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    We recently got on the phone with Chris Caltagirone, vice president and product manager at PIMCO, to discuss anything and everything related to TIPS, including their role in your portfolio and exchange traded funds (ETFs). What are TIPS? TIPS are Treasury Inflation-Protect...

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  • PIMCO's New TIPS ETF a First Of Its Kind

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    PIMCO, the world's largest bond-fund manager, today launched its first on a line of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that will consist of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Concerns that the government's spending spree could lead to rampant inflation has boosted the p...

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Number of Holdings: 20

Government 99.6%
Unknown 0.4%
Long Term 52.7%
Medium Term 29.4%
Short Term 17.5%
Unknown 0.4%
Not Rated 100%

Number of Holdings: 20







10.1% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828PP9   Not Rated Medium Term
8.6% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828B25   Not Rated Long Term
8.5% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828HN3   Not Rated Short Term
7.3% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810FR4   Not Rated Long Term
6.1% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828MF4   Not Rated Medium Term
6.0% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810RF7   Not Rated Long Term
5.9% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810FS2   Not Rated Long Term
5.8% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810PZ5   Not Rated Long Term
5.0% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828LA6   Not Rated Medium Term
4.9% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828SA9   Not Rated Medium Term
4.7% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810QV3   Not Rated Long Term
4.5% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828UH1   Not Rated Medium Term
4.2% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828TE0   Not Rated Medium Term
4.1% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810PV4   Not Rated Long Term
3.4% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828XL9   Not Rated Long Term
3.2% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828GX2   Not Rated Short Term
2.6% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912828JE1   Not Rated Short Term
1.7% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810FQ6   Not Rated Long Term
1.6% U S TREASURY INFLATE... 912810QF8   Not Rated Long Term
1.8% Other net assets (li... --   Not Rated -