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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Look Attractive

    06-30-2015 10:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mortgage real estate investment trusts and related exchange traded funds may be an attractive play at current valuations. Maxim Group's Michael Diana argues that mREITs trading on average at 0.85 times March 31 book value with 13.3% yields look like a good play, reports Teresa...

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  • Mortgage REITs Offer Attractive Value in Low-Rate Environment

    04-14-2015 02:45 PM by Tom Lydon

    After many anticipated a Federal Reserve interest rate hike this year, investors have left mortgage-backed real estate investment trusts and related exchange traded funds undervalued. Over the past year, the Market Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (NYSEArca: MORT) has increase...

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  • Don't Overload REIT ETF Allocations

    02-17-2015 09:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Income investors should not go overboard with overweighting their real estate investment trust exchange traded fund exposure as valuations have grown expensive. "That big, unexpected fall in interest rates - is there any other kind than an unexpected fall or an unexpected rise...

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  • Financial Sector ETFs to Generate Yields

    02-12-2015 09:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    In a persistently low interest rate environment, the financial sector's outlook remains murky, but investors who still want some exposure to financials can consider exchange traded funds that produce decent yields. Financial services firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods advised cl...

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  • REIT ETFs Quietly Outperform

    01-07-2015 10:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    While the broader equities market started off the new year on the wrong foot, real estate investment trust-related exchange traded funds are rallying. Over the past three trading sessions, REIT ETFs have been on the rise, with the Vanguard REIT ETF (NYSEArca: VNQ) up 2.4%, iSh...

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  • Issues to Consider With mREIT ETFs in 2015

    12-11-2014 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Buoyed by tumbling 10-year Treasury yields, mortgage REIT exchange trade funds have been solid though not spectacular performers this year. The iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (NYSEArca: REM) and the Market Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (NYSEArca: MORT) are up 7.6% ...

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  • Falling Rates Help Lift REIT ETFs

    10-13-2014 08:20 AM by Tom Lydon

    Real estate investment trust-related exchange traded funds have been steadily strengthening over the past week as a falling Treasury yields push investors back into more attractive income-generating assets. Over the past week, the Vanguard REIT ETF (NYSEArca: VNQ) has increase...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Look Attractive on Valuations

    07-08-2014 10:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    After getting pummeled last year, mortgage real estate investment trust exchange traded funds have recouped some of their lost ground and remain attractively priced. The Market Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (NYSEArca: MORT) and iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (NYSEA...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Look Attractive in Subdued Rate Environment

    06-02-2014 08:15 AM by Tom Lydon

    The unexpected fall in interest rates this year  has helped high-yield real estate investment trust exchange traded funds generate strong gains, and with the Fed maintaining low rates, the sector may still have room to run. As benchmark Treasury yields dipped to 2.45% from 3.0...

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  • Rate Relief for mREIT ETFs

    03-25-2014 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The stabilizing interest rates have helped high-yield, mortgage-backed real estate investment trust exchange funds rebound, but investors should be aware that a tightening yield curve could weigh on the assets. The Market Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (NYSEArca: MORT) has i...

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  • Multi-Asset ETFs Get Some Rate Relief

    02-05-2014 08:15 AM by Todd Shriber

    At the height of the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing spectacle and when little thought was given to rising Treasury yields, income investors were smitten by multi-asset exchange traded funds. Under one wrapper, dividend seekers could almost have it all with multi-asset E...

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  • ETF Chart of the Day: REIT Relief

    01-29-2014 11:39 AM by Paul Weisbruch, Street One Financial

    With interest rates moving sharply lower in 2014 with a strong rally in Treasury Bonds (for reference, IEF (iShares Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury Bond, Expense Ratio 0.15%) was trading with a $99 handle before the year began, currently $101.78), there appears to be interest in the ...

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  • Despite Headwinds, mREIT ETF Dividends Endure

    12-23-2013 07:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    Rising Treasury yields hampered several previously prized income-generating asset classes to varying degrees in 2013. Exchange traded funds holdings shares of conservative utilities and telecommunications stocks will finish the year with attractive yields in tact, but those ET...

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  • ETFs for Banks Returning Capital

    12-09-2013 10:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    The financial services sector has been one of the strongest drivers of S&P 500 dividend growth over the past several years. However, dividends on many major bank stocks, like the stocks themselves and the exchange traded funds that hold those equities, are still nowhere close...

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  • 10 ETFs Still Nowhere Near Pre-Crisis Highs

    11-24-2013 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The S&P 500 (^GSPC) has nearly tripled since the March 9, 2009 market bottom. Plenty of individual stocks (obviously) and exchange traded funds have gone along for the ride. Dividend ETFs have thrived as the Federal Reserve pushed interest rates lower, forcing investors to...

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  • 10 Sub-$15 ETFs for Price-Conscious Investors

    11-08-2013 02:17 PM by Tom Lydon

    Attention shoppers: There may be bargains on aisle five, but when it comes to financial markets, price does not always tell the entire story regarding a stock's value. For example, a $20 stock can be richly valued while a $200 stock can be considered inexpensive on valuation. ...

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  • American Capital Slams mREIT ETFs

    10-29-2013 12:46 PM by Todd Shriber

    Already one of this year's more embattled asset classes, mortgage real estate investment trusts and the exchange traded funds that hold mREIT shares are being taken to the woodshed again Tuesday. Shares of the iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (NYSEArca: REM) are off 3.4...

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  • A Rising Rates ETF Portfolio

    10-26-2013 07:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    Ten-year Treasury yields are down more than 4% over the past month, but that decline has barely dented the 36.4% year-to-date rate spike. The reality of rising rate environment is not all bad news for stocks. However, some sectors and asset classes do struggle when rates spike...

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  • Ten ETFs with the Highest Dividend Yields

    10-15-2013 02:55 PM by Max Chen

    Shrewd income-oriented investors got creative in their search for cash payouts during the historically low interest rate environment. Among exchange traded fund offerings, some of the highest dividend payers are not what you would typically expect. Typically, investors receive...

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  • Mortgage ETFs May Not Enjoy 15% Yields for Long

    10-08-2013 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors have sought out mortgage-backed real estate investment trust exchange traded funds for their highly attractive yields, riding out short-term volatility as interest rates fluctuated. However, some mREITs are starting to cut back on payouts. At least 10 mortgage REITs ...

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  • Mortgage ETF Paying 15% Yield After Price Pullback

    09-14-2013 11:54 AM by Tom Lydon

    Following a pullback on rising rate fears, high-yield mortgage-related real estate investment trust exchange traded funds could be attractive due to cheaper valuations. The iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (NYSEArca: REM) has declined 4.1% over the past three months whi...

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  • Rising Interest Rates Burn Mortgage REIT ETFs

    08-14-2013 04:15 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mortgage real estate investment trust ETFs offer very attractive double-digit yields. Investors, though, are learning that the robust payouts come with risks, especially in a rising rate environment. The iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (NYSEArca: REM) has a 14.73% 12-m...

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  • Play the Real Estate Recovery with ETFs

    07-26-2013 03:45 PM by Tom Lydon

    Real estate exchange traded funds are one of the best ways to play the real estate rally without buying and selling property. REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are another method to access yield minus physical ownership. "Real estate offers the potential to hedge agains...

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  • ETFs for High-Yield Seekers

    07-14-2013 09:48 AM by Tom Lydon

    Some ETF sectors that investors have favored for yield in recent years have taken a hit lately on rising interest rates. But the recent damage doesn't necessarily mean investors should give up on these asset classes. "The last three months of soaring interest rates have thrown...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Hit as Interest Rates Surge

    07-05-2013 03:20 PM by Tom Lydon

    Interest rates jumped on the back of a robust jobs report and renewed concern over Fed "tapering," pressuring rate sensitive mortgage real estate investment trust exchange traded funds. The iShares FTSE NAREIT Mortgage Plus Capped Index Fund (NYSEArca: REM) fell over 5% during...

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  • Some ETFs with Double-Digit Dividend Yields

    06-12-2013 07:14 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors can choose from a number of dividend-oriented investments to quench their thirst for income, but some of the exchange traded funds that offer the beefiest yields might not be the ones you'd think of first. Singapore For instance, Trang Ho for Investor's Business D...

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  • May ETF Performance Review: Rate Surge Wipes Out Treasury Funds

    05-31-2013 06:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The stock markets and exchange traded funds continued to reach new highs over May but began to falter toward the end of the month as investors took the opportunity to take profits. Meanwhile, safe-haven Treasury prices are getting pummeled with yields on benchmark 10-year notes b...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Hit by Fed 'Tapering' Chatter

    05-28-2013 02:15 PM by Tom Lydon

    Speculation that the Federal Reserve is mulling winding down or an outright end to its asset-buying activities has weighed on mortgage REIT ETFs recently. Funds previously prized for high yields tumbled last week because mortgage-backed securities are vulnerable to rising interes...

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  • Dividend ETFs for 2013

    05-04-2013 07:41 AM by Tom Lydon

    Dividend exchange traded funds are still an investor favorite in this low-yield, income-starved environment. Investors have a number of fund choices to pick from that will complement an income-producing strategy. "There are a lot of reasons to recommend dividend investing. For...

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  • Comparing Two High-Yield Mortgage REIT ETFs

    04-25-2013 06:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors have been attracted to ETFs tracking real estate investment trusts for their high yields and outperformance relative to the S&P 500 in recent years. Within the sector, mortgage REITs generate the highest yields, but they are not without their risks. Mortgage REIT...

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  • Special Report: Alternative ETFs

    04-09-2013 07:24 AM by Tom Lydon

    Alternative exchange traded fund strategies are garnering a greater following as investors look for options other than traditional beta-indexing products to diversify their portfolios. Alternative assets can be loosely defined as investments other than the traditional stocks, ...

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  • A Closer Look at a Mortgage REIT ETF Yielding 12%

    03-21-2013 12:15 PM by Tom Lydon

    I do the "ETF of the Week" for MarketWatch every Thursday on Chuck Jaffe's MoneyLife Show where I highlight big movers and disappointments within the exchange traded fund market. This week, I focused on the iShares Mortgage REIT Capped ETF (NYSEArca: REM). Mortgage-backed real...

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  • Best REIT and Real Estate ETFs for Yield

    03-20-2013 08:21 AM by Tom Lydon

    ETFs tracking real estate investment trusts such as the Vanguard REIT Index (NYSEArca: VNQ) are a way for investors to participate in the recovering economy and property market, while earning some income. REITs tend to diversify better than an average real estate ETF. "Althoug...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs: Double-Digit Yields and Risks

    03-15-2013 06:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Unsatisfied with your low, single-digit dividends and bond yields? Investors can squeeze out more income with mortgage-backed real estate investment trusts and exchange traded funds, but you will have to be comfortable with the potential risks. Mortgage REITs are leveraged inv...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETF Yielding 12% Starts Year Strong

    02-12-2013 06:37 AM by Tom Lydon

    The search for yield has investors looking beyond bond and equity dividend ETFs, and into alternative income investment themes such as mortgage real estate investments trusts (REITs). Year-to-date inflows into real estate focused exchange traded funds and mutual funds combined ar...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Fighting the Fed

    11-15-2012 03:18 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mortgage-backed real estate investment trust exchange traded funds continue to weaken on expectations President Obama's re-election will offer no opposition to the Federal Reserve's $40 billion mortgage bond purchasing plan, causing spreads and yields to diminish. REIT earning...

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  • Sector ETF Opportunities Going Into 2013

    11-01-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The markets are looking at uncertainty ahead, with the Presidential elections and fiscal cliff here in the U.S. and changes overseas like the new leadership in China, but investors can still find opportunities in sector exchange traded funds. For instance, real estate related ...

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  • Mortgage REIT ETFs Paying 10% Yields

    10-25-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors are parked in income yielding investments and will most likely stay there for some time as the Federal Reserve plans to keep rates low until 2015. There are about 32 dividend focused exchange traded funds available on the market, but for investors who want high yield fr...

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  • Some High-Yield Dividend ETFs Flying Under the Radar

    08-01-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The low interest rate environment still has yields on a 30-year Treasury bond just under 2.5%, not enough to keep up with the cost of living. Investors that are searching for income should look at the following dividend exchange traded funds, yielding at least 10%. Of course, ...

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  • ETF Spotlight: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

    04-27-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors are wary of real estate investment trusts since they crashed along with the market 2008 and failed to deliver their much-hyped diversification benefits. However, a desire for income and dividends could bring investors back to this beaten-down sector and REIT ETFs. Wi...

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  • Four High-Yield Dividend ETF Options

    04-17-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    As witnessed last year, dividend paying exchange traded funds offer investors the opportunity to receive additional cash on the side while they wait out any market condition. Still, if you want high-yield dividend picks, an investor will have to look beyond the plain vanilla divi...

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  • Real Estate: List of REIT ETFs

    02-22-2012 04:15 PM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded fund investors have piled into dividend-generating investments after a year of high market volatility and low fixed-income yields, but there are other options available. For instance, real estate investment trusts, or REITs, also offer decent income streams. RE...

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  • REIT ETFs Outperform the S&P 500

    08-11-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Did you think real estate was dead? Not so fast - REIT exchange traded funds (ETFs) have actually handily outperformed the broader market year-to-date. Will it last? The standout performance of real estate ETFs this year has triggered a notion that the worst may be over for co...

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  • 4 Reasons ETF Tracking Error Occurs

    02-09-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Tracking errors in most exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs) seemed to be relatively minuscule, enabling them to stay relatively close to indexes, despite the roller coaster ride of 2008. Research from Morgan Stanley indicates that the average and wei...

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  • Another ETF Lesson to Know What You Own

    09-14-2008 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Every so often, there comes a reminder to look at the holdings in an exchange traded fund (ETF), along with their weightings. iShares FTSE NAREIT Mortgage REIT (REM) holds a basket of real estate investment trusts that invests in mortgages. The idea of the fund is to provide e...

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Number of Holdings: 40

Real Estate 99.8%
Unknown 0.1261%
Other 0.0739%
Mortgage Finance 97.5%
REIT 2.4%
Unknown 0.1%
United States 99.8%
Unknown 0.2%
Mid-cap 39.7%
Large-cap 29.4%
Small-cap 26.2%
Micro-cap 4.5%
Unknown 0.2%

Number of Holdings: 40





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14.1% NLY Annaly Capital Manag... Real Estate 9420000 United States
10.6% AGNC American Capital Age... Real Estate 6975000 United States
8.2% STWD Starwood Property Tr... Real Estate 5503000 United States
5.6% NRZ New Residential Inve... Real Estate 3348000 United States
5.5% TWO Two Harbors Investme... Real Estate 3772000 United States
4.6% CIM Chimera Investment C... Real Estate 2878000 United States
4.5% MFA MFA Financial Inc Real Estate 2848000 United States
4.4% BXMT Blackstone Mortgage ... Real Estate 2743000 United States
4.3% CLNY Colony Capital Inc Real Estate 2752000 United States
3.4% IVR Invesco Mortgage Cap... Real Estate 1900000 United States

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