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  • 15 Most Read ETF Articles of the Week (May 16-20)

    05-20-2016 05:34 PM by Brenton Garen

    Each publishes news, strategy and commentary on ETFs in the realms of Commodities, Currency, Equities and Smart-Beta to name a few. Heres a look at the Top 15 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on ETF Trends, May 16-20, 2016. Click the headline to read the fu...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs to Pad Fixed-Income Portfolios

    05-16-2016 08:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Fixed-income investors who follow the benchmark Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index may be missing out on the stability and yield opportunity found in municipal debt securities. Consequently, traders should consider including a muni bond exchange traded fund to round out their inv...

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  • 33 Muni Bond ETFs to Augment Income Generation

    05-13-2016 04:24 PM by Max Chen

    Municipal debt and bond-related exchange traded funds have been used as a relatively stable fixed-income stream for many investment portfolios. Since muni bond interest is exempt from federal taxes, muni ETFs are a good way for investors seeking tax-exempt income, especially t...

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  • Low Yields Haven't Deterred Muni Bond ETF Investors

    03-29-2016 03:47 PM by Max Chen

    Municipal bond exchange traded funds could continue to strengthen in the month ahead as supply falls off with muni debt sales set to decline and the amount of redemptions and maturing debt on the rise. Year-to-date, the iShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond ETF (NYSEArca: MUB) g...

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  • Muni ETFs Time to Shine

    01-05-2016 04:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    As people digest the changing Federal Reserve outlook, fixed-income investors may want to hold onto their municipal debt and bond-related exchange traded fund positions. "One area of the U.S. bond market that does merit attention is the municipal market," according to Russ Koe...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs Keep Tax-Sheltered Status -- For Now

    01-08-2013 08:52 AM by Tom Lydon

    There had been speculation that Congress would curb or eliminate the tax-free status of muni bonds in the fiscal cliff deal, but it didn't happen. Still, some analysts think lawmakers will succeed in overhauling the tax code and make serious changes to the tax exemption for in...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs For Liquidity and Yield

    08-16-2012 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Municipal bond exchange traded funds have become a go-to investment for their decent yields when the tax break is factored in. They offer liquidity, diversification and an income stream for investors. "A quick primer: Muni bonds come in two flavors revenue bonds and general o...

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  • Uncertainty Over Tax Breaks May Hit Muni Bond ETFs

    02-14-2012 01:02 PM by John Spence

    Exchange traded funds that invest in municipal bonds have been steady so far this week following the Obama administrations proposals to limit tax breaks on muni bonds for wealthy investors. In the proposed 2013 budget, the administration is seeking to limit tax breaks some ind...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs Continue March Higher

    02-09-2012 04:14 PM by Tom Lydon

    Municipal bond exchange traded funds are seeing money move in and low defaults have the sector enjoying its best start to a year since 1990 in terms of performance. "Investors are rushing back to municipals as evidenced by strong inflowsof$6 billion in January.A combination ...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs Trading In Choppy Water

    01-28-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The municipal bond exchange traded fund (ETF) market experienced a fair amount of turbulence on the heels of the Fed's quantitative easing. Still, ratings firms believe that most municipalities will pull through. Municipal bond-related investments have experienced high volatil...

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  • Despite Meltdown, Some Still Bullish on Muni ETFs

    12-30-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Municipal bond exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been whacked hard in a sell-off that sent them tumbling below their 200-day averages. Despite all that, some say now is the time to buy. Investors are scared right now, and those who are the most frightened are selling their mun...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs: The Diversified Option

    10-05-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    As more states and localities seek income, municipal bond exchange traded funds (ETFs) have becoming increasingly popular. Recent information, however, underscores the need for more due diligence when it comes to investing in the bonds. Disclosure is often substandard and info...

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  • Muni Bond ETFs: A Crisis in the Making?

    07-15-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Rising yields on certain U.S. municipal infrastructure bonds reveal growing concerns among investors that some local governments are facing a greater risk of default, which might give municipal bond exchange traded fund (ETF) investors some pause. A relative increase in some b...

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  • States In Fiscal Distress; Muni Bond ETFs Scrutinized

    04-16-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Municipal bonds have been long used as a tax shelter for high-net worth investors, but the backers of these bonds have fallen on hard times. States and cities that issue municipal bonds are in fiscal distress, and investors are taking a closer look at these securities and related...

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  • Market Vectors Drops the 'Lehman' Name from ETFs

    10-29-2008 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    A line of exchange traded funds (ETFs) have undergone a "name simplification," but behind the scenes, it's business as usual. Market Vectors' family of municipal bond funds have erased the Lehman name from its portfolios. Index Universe staff reports that the shortened names...

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