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  • Rethinking Bond ETFs: Unbundle and Rebuild

    07-26-2016 08:00 AM by Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research

    By Corey Hoffstein With the benefit of hindsight, there have been few investments as attractive as core U.S. fixed income over the last 30 years. Capital preservation, income, diversification, and even hedging volatility: was there anything fixed income did not provide? Wit...

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  • An ETF for the Home Game Hedge Fund Manager

    07-06-2015 10:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    Despite the numerous drawbacks, including high fees and tepid performances that do not justify those fees, hedge funds typically conjure up glamorous images among investors. Fortunately, exchange traded funds issuers have made the hedge fund space infinitely more approachable ...

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  • Alternative ETFs to Hedge Equity Risks

    01-26-2015 09:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Many are familiar with traditional beta-index exchange traded funds that passively track prominent benchmark indices. However, as the industry continues to expand, retail investors can now track alternative investment styles and even tap into strategies previously limited to larg...

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  • ETF Virtual Conference: Alternative Investment Opportunities and More

    01-13-2015 08:20 AM by Tom Lydon

    As we drift around all-time highs. some may be growing wary about a potential pullback or slower growth ahead. Consequently, investors may find that alternative investments and related exchange traded funds could help diversify a portfolio designed around traditional asset alloca...

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  • Alternative ETF Strategies To Reduce Portfolio Risk

    08-07-2014 09:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    While some investors chase after outsized growth, others may just want to generate steady returns. Consequently, some investors are looking into alternative strategies and related exchange traded funds. One thing that comes up frequently in conversations with investors is they...

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  • Diversify Risk with Alternative Strategies at the ETF Virtual Summit

    01-14-2014 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Volatility has played a major role, or rather detriment, to investment portfolios over the years. However, investors can take better control over their market exposure with alternative indexing and exchange traded funds. At the ETF Virtual Summit on January 15, the featured pa...

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  • ProShares Embracing Alternative ETFs: Barron's

    03-05-2013 01:45 PM by Tom Lydon

    After establishing itself as an exchange traded fund purveyor of inverse and leveraged strategies, ProShares has ventured into the alternative space, offering a range of alts plays to expand beyond traditional beta indexing styles. "The company has undertaken a significant rep...

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  • Manage Risk and Diversify with Alternative ETFs

    02-27-2013 12:10 PM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded funds have helped democratize exposure to the markets, allowing retail investors to manage risk and improve diversification through alternative exchange traded fund strategies. Specifically, individual portfolios are beginning fill up with alternative asset cla...

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  • ETF Spotlight: ProShares Hedge Fund Replication

    10-31-2012 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    ETF Spotlight on ProShares Hedge Replication ETF (NYSEArca: HDG), part of an ongoing series. Assets: $21.6 million. Objective: The ProShares Hedge Replication ETF tries to reflect the performance of the Merrill Lynch Factor Model, which mimics the risk and return characteri...

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  • Don't Get Fooled by an ETF's Name

    04-01-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors should never be fooled into trading an exchange traded fund based solely on its moniker, lest they discover some nasty surprises down the line. While their moniker may give a sense of the what the investment covers, individuals will still need to do some homework on the...

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  • ProShares Tries Hand at Hedge Fund ETFs

    07-15-2011 08:28 AM by Tom Lydon

    ProShares has introduced an exchange traded fund that tries to duplicate the performance of a basket of hedge funds through an index designed by Merrill Lynch. ProShares Hedge Replication ETF (NYSEArca: HDG) attempts to provide the risk and return profile of more than 2,000 he...

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