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3:57 PM EDT Mar 27, 2015
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  • Assets $76.1M
  • Expense Ratio 0.95%
  • Yield N/A
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Commodity Based ETF

ProShares UltraShort Gold is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund will seek daily investment results that correspond to twice (200%) the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of its corresponding benchmark. The Fund tracks the daily performance of gold bullion as measured by the U.S. Dollar fixing price for delivery in London.

TODAY 1 DAY 5 DAY 10 DAY 1 MO 3 MO 6 MO 1 YR 2 YR 5 YR
0.9% 0.9% -2.5% -7.3% 1.5% -2.5% -0.9% 9.0% 42.8% -50.9%
Last Close Volume
36,146 -168.4%
Trend on Last Close
50 DAY 96.05 96.49 -0.5% 03-25-2015
200 DAY 96.05 93.81 2.4% 02-17-2015
-0.0085 -0.436 0.025 0.111
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