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  • Asia Bond ETFs Are Finally Turning Around

    04-13-2015 10:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Asian bonds and related exchange traded funds are experiencing a swift rebound after falling behind in the fixed-income space. For instance, the WisdomTree Asia Local Debt Fund (NYSEArca: ALD), which includes largely investment-grade Asian debt, rose 2.1% over the past month w...

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  • China Default Concerns Raise Fears Over EM Bond ETF Credit Risks

    01-21-2015 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    A small Chinese real estate company could make waves in the fixed-income and related exchange traded funds markets, raising default concerns on U.S. dollar-denominated emerging market debt as the USD continues to appreciate. Bond investors are watching China as Kaisa Group Hol...

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  • Treasury Bond ETFs Find Further Support From Pensions

    10-28-2014 10:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Pension funds could increase their long-term developed market bond allocations to meet liabilities, potentially dampening the negative effects of rising rates on long-term U.S. Treasury bond exchange traded funds. According to a Pyramis Global Advisors survey, pension funds th...

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  • Chinese Yuan no Longer a One-Way Trade

    03-07-2014 01:35 PM by Todd Shriber

    In an effort to avoid overheating in its credit markets while tempering foreign currency flows, the Peoples Bank of China has recently been willing to allow the yuan to decline and the weaker yuan is weighing on some bond ETFs. For example, the PowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum...

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  • Dim Sum Bond ETFs to Diversify a Fixed-Income Portfolio

    03-06-2014 07:30 AM by Max Chen

    Many bond investors focus on U.S. government and corporate debt to fill their income needs. With the Fed tightening its monetary policy, investors should begin looking to exchange traded funds that have foreign exposure to fill some of their fixed-income needs. For instance, t...

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  • Asia Bond ETFs Sport Decent Yields

    01-07-2014 02:44 PM by Tom Lydon

    Asia bonds, specifically speculative grade debt, related exchange traded funds can see higher yields as issuers pay more to raise cash requirements. "I would say, the start of 2014 looks very different from 2013," Viktor Hjort, head of Asia fixed-income research at Morgan Stan...

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  • China Bond ETFs to Generate Yield and Diversify Rate Risk

    12-11-2013 01:58 PM by Max Chen

    The U.S. bond market is getting battered as traders exit in anticipation of higher rates. However, fixed-income exchange traded fund investors are not limited to U.S. investments and can diversify rate risk with foreign exposure. For example, the PowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim S...

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  • Guggenheim to Close Yaun Bond ETF

    05-16-2013 04:17 PM by John Spence

    While investors have been quick to take on China as an emerging market equities play, Chinese yuan-denominated bonds have not been as popular. Consequently, Guggenheim Investments has announced it will be closing down its yuan bond exchange traded fund. According to a press re...

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  • Why Schwab Unit Windhaven is Overweight International ETFs

    01-18-2013 02:07 PM by Tom Lydon

    International assets are playing a greater role in a well diversified investment portfolio. With exchange traded funds, investors have found an efficient and easy-to-use too tool to access overseas markets. For instance, Windhaven Intvestment Management, a part of Charles Schw...

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  • ETF Chart of the Day: Dim Sum Bonds

    03-21-2012 11:32 AM by Paul Weisbruch, Street One Financial

    An area of significant growth and innovation in the exchange traded fund space in the past year or so is that of Emerging Markets Bond products. Specifically, there has been building institutional interest in China specific products in this category, and thus, there are now th...

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  • A Closer Look at Dim Sum Bond ETFs

    10-20-2011 08:44 AM by Tom Lydon

    The renminbi-denominated bond market has experienced widespread popularity as investors seek exposure to the Chinese currency. There are now a trio of exchange traded funds tracking this asset class. [Dim-Sum: Three New Yuan Bond ETFs] These renminbi-denominated bonds could...

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  • Sampling the 'Dim Sum' Bond ETFs

    09-27-2011 02:32 PM by Tom Lydon

    Two exchange traded fund providers, Guggenheim Investments and Invesco PowerShares, have listed exchange traded funds that target the offshore Chinese Yuan "Dim Sum" bond market. The bond ETFs provide investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to Chinese yuan, which has b...

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  • Double Barrel Yuan Bond ETF Launches

    09-22-2011 05:30 PM by Tom Lydon

    Guggenheim Investments launched the first Chinese bond exchange traded fund denominated in the local currencies on Thursday. Invesco PowerShares unveiled its new ETF offering that will provide investors access to the yuan-denominated debt market, as well. According to regulato...

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