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4:00 PM EDT Mar 27, 2015
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  • Assets $915.6M
  • Expense Ratio 0.58%
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Global Equity ETF

WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend Fund is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund seeks investment results that correspond to the performance of the WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend Index. The Fund invests in small-capitalization companies that pay regular dividends located in Europe Far East Asia and Australasia.

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-0.1% -0.1% -0.3% 2.4% 0.2% 6.7% 0.8% -4.1% 16.2% 0.0
Last Close Volume
74,894 -51.2%
Trend on Last Close
50 DAY 59.78 58.43 2.3% 02-02-2015
200 DAY 59.78 59.05 1.2% 03-18-2015
0.0014 1.081 0.709 0.052
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Number of Holdings: 848

Industrials 29.05%
Consumer Discretionary 17.96%
Financials 16.79%
Materials 9.97%
Technology 8.52%
Consumer Staples 7.94%
Health Care 3.83%
Utilities 2.68%
Energy 2.4%
Telecommunications 0.66%
Unknown 5.1238%
Banks 4.5%
Real Estate Owners & Developers 3.5%
Casinos & Gaming 2.2%
Auto Parts 2.2%
Specialty Chemicals 2.1%
Automotive Retailers 2%
Wealth Management 1.9%
Publishing & Broadcasting 1.9%
Industrial Distribution & Rental 1.8%
Basic & Diversified Chemicals 1.7%
Telecom Carriers 1.6%
Packaged Food 1.6%
Food Products Wholesalers 1.6%
Agricultural Producers 1.5%
Engineering Services 1.5%
Homebuilders 1.3%
Professional Services 1.3%
Restaurants 1.3%
Real Estate Services 1.2%
Logistics Services 1.2%
Life Insurance 1.2%
Base Metals 1.2%
Infrastructure Construction 1.2%
Application Software 1.2%
Electrical Components 1.2%
Beverages 1.1%
Transit Services 1.1%
Building Sub Contractors 1.1%
Power Generation 1.1%
Non-Residential Bldg Const 1.1%
IT Services 1.1%
Fabricated Metal & Hardware 1.1%
Food & Drug Stores 1.1%
Infrastructure Software 1.1%
Oil & Gas Services & Equip 1%
Japan 27%
Australia 18.1%
England 14.7%
China 7.4%
Unknown 5.2%
Sweden 3.5%
Israel 3%
Norway 3%
New Zealand 2.8%
Germany 2.7%
Italy 2.5%
Finland 2.5%
Switzerland 1.8%
Belgium 1.6%
France 1.3%
Netherlands 0.8%
Spain 0.5%
Austria 0.5%
Ireland 0.5%
Denmark 0.5%
United States 0.1%
Small-cap 42%
Large-cap 34%
Mid-cap 17.6%
Unknown 5.2%
Micro-cap 1.2%

Number of Holdings: 848





Market Cap


0.8% HK China Power Internat... Utilities 27909500000 China
0.6% IFLAU IOOF Holdings Ltd Financials 3184420000 Australia
0.6% TAHAU Tabcorp Holdings Ltd Consumer Discretionary 4205350000 Australia
0.5% ABCAU Adelaide Brighton Lt... Materials 2774590000 Australia
0.5% DRIGY Drillisch AG Communications 2005230000 Germany
0.5% NXIFP Nexity SA Consumer Discretionary 1993320000 France
0.4% FPHNZ Fisher & Paykel Heal... Health Care 3821810000 New Zealand
0.4% HK Shenzhen Investment ... Financials 16307340000 China
0.4% SALMNO Salmar ASA Consumer Staples 14219150000 Norway
0.4% CWCLN Cable & Wireless Com... Communications 1621290000 England

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