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4:00 PM EDT Mar 27, 2015
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Global Equity ETF

iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The ETF's objective seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the performance of the MSCI Mexico IMI 25/50 Index.

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2,424,977 -18.0%
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50 DAY 58.16 58.79 -1.1% 03-26-2015
200 DAY 58.16 62.50 -6.9% 11-06-2014
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  • A Mess for the Mexico ETF

    03-12-2015 12:00 PM by Todd Shriber

    Underscoring just how poorly Latin American equities have performed this year, three of the 10 worst non-leveraged exchange traded funds on a year-to-date basis are single-country ETFs tracking stocks in Latin American economies. With a 2015 loss of 4.9%, the iShares MSCI Mexi...

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  • Corruption, Falling Oil Pressure Mexico ETF Outlook

    03-06-2015 10:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexico country-specific exchange traded fund could be slowing as declining oil revenue and declining business confidence drag on the economy. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) has dipped 1.8% year-to-date and fell 2.4% over the past year. Alternatively, th...

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  • Americas' Oil Price War Could Boost Refiner-Heavy ETF

    12-29-2014 02:54 PM by Max Chen

    As Canada and Mexico compete for oil processing along the U.S. Gulf Coast, West Texas Intermediate oil prices may remain depressed, but oil refiners and sector-related exchange traded funds could come out on top. The new Seaway Twin pipeline could double the amount of heavy Ca...

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  • Don’t Expect Much Out of LatAm ETFs in 2015

    12-26-2014 09:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    Overall, emerging markets stocks and exchange traded funds have disappointed investors once again in 2014, but Latin American offerings have been particularly egregious offenders. That trend may not change in 2015. "Jorge Kuri, Morgan Stanley's director of equity research for ...

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  • Mexico ETF Merits Earnings Attention

    10-10-2014 10:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    With U.S. stocks faltering, this may not seem like the time for investors to consider an emerging market that often takes its cues from the world's largest economy. However, Mexico's economic growth is expected to continue accelerating into next year. The iShares MSCI Mexico C...

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  • Mexico ETF Still Winning LatAm Inflows Battle

    09-15-2014 10:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    Of the five significant single-country exchange traded funds tracking Latin American nations, only the iShares MSCI Chile Capped ETF (NYSEArca: ECH) with its nearly 8% year-to-date loss has performed worse in 2014 than the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW). Yet EW...

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  • Latin America ETFs to Play Hedge Funder's Picks

    07-21-2014 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors may take a look at exchange traded funds that track Mexico and Argentina as hedge fund firm Third Point sees potential opportunities in the two economies. Daniel Loeb, head of Third Point, argues that Argentina is likely to reach an agreement with its holdout credito...

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  • World Cup ETFs: The Pretenders

    06-08-2014 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The 2014 World Cup kicks-off Thursday in Brazil, Latin America's largest economy. Overall, there are 32 teams in the World Cup, 21 of which have at least one U.S.-listed country-specific exchange traded fund. Groupings for what is widely seen as the best World Cup field ever w...

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  • Mexico ETFs Get Help From Surprise Rate Cut

    06-06-2014 11:33 AM by Todd Shriber

    Shares of the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) are up 1.3% Friday and the largest Mexico ETF is trading at its highest levels of 2014 after Banco de Mexico, the country's central bank, surprisingly cut interest rates. Amid signs Latin America's second-largest eco...

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  • LatAm ETFs Could be Sluggish During World Cup

    06-05-2014 12:42 PM by Todd Shriber

    Broadly speaking, Latin American equity markets are volatile compared to developed markets, such as the U.S. or Western Europe. With the World Cup looming, volatility in markets from host nation Brazil to Chile to Mexico could be benign with volume drying up as traders in the ...

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  • Mexico ETF be Derailed by Economic Weakness

    05-25-2014 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The rally in Mexican stocks and related exchange traded funds could wane  as the government cuts its 2014 outlook on poor export demand and a dip in consumer confidence after a tax hike. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) was down 0.2% Friday. The ETF has incre...

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  • Mexico ETF Tries to Get Its Act Together

    05-16-2014 09:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) is up nearly 4% in the past month, but the ETF and Mexican equities in general are struggling to keep pace with the returns offered by other Latin American equity markets. Still saddled with a year-to-date loss, EWW has the du...

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  • Preference for Mexico ETF has Investors Missing out on Brazil

    04-11-2014 12:00 PM by Todd Shriber

    As the largest exchange traded fund tracking Latin America's largest economy, the iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWZ) receives plenty of attention in the financial press, blogosphere and other outlets. Recently, attention and praised heaped on EWZ has been well dese...

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  • Mexico ETF Rebounding as Central Bank Sees 'Encouraging' Reports

    04-06-2014 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexico exchange traded fund has turned around, moving back above its long-term trend line, as the Mexican central bank points to encouraging and potentially accelerating economic growth. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) was up 1.0% Friday, trading back ab...

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  • The First Quarter’s Worst ETFs

    03-30-2014 08:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    With the first quarter almost in the books, the S&P 500 will head into Monday with a gain of barely more than 1%. Given the start to the year for U.S. stocks, that performance could have been worse. Then again, after last year's 32.3% gain for the benchmark U.S. index, invest...

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  • Trying to Love Latin America ETFs Again

    03-25-2014 08:15 AM by Todd Shriber

    Latin America has been a minefield for investors over the past year. As much is confirmed by the iShares Latin American 40 ETF (NYSEArca: ILF) and the SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America ETF (NYSEArca: GML), which are off an average of 17% over the past 12 months. In recent we...

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  • Mexico ETF: Dropping Like a Hot Tamale

    03-13-2014 03:10 PM by Max Chen

    Investors have been moving away from the Mexico exchange traded fund as poor economic fundamentals and cyclical weakness continue to weigh on growth. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) saw $184.1 million in outflows over the past month, according to dat...

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  • Mexico ETF is a Mess

    02-27-2014 09:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    On Wednesday, the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) lost 1.8% on above average volume, extending its year-to-date loss to 9.5%, or nearly 300 basis points worse than the iShares Latin American 40 ETF (NYSEArca: ILF). From a fundamental perspective, EWW arguably sh...

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  • South of the Border Slump: Mexico ETF Continues Slide

    02-26-2014 01:39 PM by Todd Shriber

    It is starting to sound like a broken record, but it is still accurate to say 2014 has been harsh to emerging markets exchange traded funds. As has been the case for most of this year, the 10 worst non-leveraged ETFs entering Wednesday's trading session were all emerging marke...

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  • Global ETFs to Diversify Emerging Market Risk

    02-10-2014 01:27 PM by Tom Lydon

    The economic and political problems in developing economies sent waves through the global markets. Nevertheless, the emerging markets should still be a part of a diversified global portfolio, and investors can utilize exchange traded funds to navigate the world. For starters, ...

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  • Upgrades Not Yet Helping Mexico ETF

    02-07-2014 01:07 PM by Tom Lydon

    The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) is positioned to close this week flat or with a modest loss. That lags the 2.3% gained by the iShares Latin American 40 ETF (NYSEArca: ILF), which features an almost 28% weight to Mexico. EWW's lethargy is disappointing consid...

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  • Moody's Upgrade Provides Stable Outlook on Mexico Economy, ETF

    02-05-2014 04:05 PM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexico exchange traded fund did not get much help after Moody's Investors Service upgraded the country's credit rating. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) closed modestly lower Wednesday, adding to its 9.2% year-to-date decline. Citing improvements due t...

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  • No Gusta on the Mexico ETF

    02-03-2014 02:21 PM by Todd Shriber

    The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) is the second-best single-country ETF tracking a Latin American nation this year, just as it was in 2013. And as was the case last year, EWW's status as second-best among LatAm country ETFs does not mean a whole lot because th...

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  • Conservative Emerging Markets Dash Investors’ Shelter Hopes

    01-27-2014 12:07 PM by Todd Shriber

    A toxic cocktail of negative news is afflicting emerging markets bonds, currencies and equities leaving investors with little to no shelter from the storm in the developing world. The catalysts for the current emerging markets washout are almost too numerous to list here, but ...

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  • Maybe, Just Maybe Positive Signs for the Mexico ETF

    01-14-2014 06:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Monday was another bloodbath for already battered emerging markets exchange traded funds, but there could be some encouraging technical signs developing with an ETF that has the potential to be one of this year's sturdier developing world funds. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ...

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  • Getting Selective With Emerging Markets

    01-12-2014 08:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    Widely held emerging markets exchange traded funds have done nothing to convince wary investors this year will be better than the last. The Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: VWO) and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: EEM), the two largest emerging ma...

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  • LatAm ETFs Look to Rebound in 2014

    01-06-2014 09:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    This is how bad things were for exchange traded funds tracking Latin America last year: Of the single-country funds, only the Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF (NYSEArca: ARGT) posted a gain. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) was the next best performer of the gr...

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  • Mexico ETF Could be a 2014 Buy

    01-03-2014 08:15 AM by Tom Lydon

    Thursday's session was not the start to 2014 emerging markets investors were looking for as the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: EEM) lost 3.8% on volume that was more than double the daily average. Other high volume losers among emerging markets funds included the...

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  • Commodities Bust Weighs on Latin America ETFs

    12-31-2013 06:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    As a decade-long commodity boom wanes, Latin America exchange traded funds are slumping. Broad Latin America ETFs have stumbled this year. The iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index Fund (NYSEArca: ILF) is down 13.0% year-to-date and the SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America ETF...

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  • A Fiesta Could Await the Mexico ETF in 2014

    12-27-2013 07:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    To say the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) is the second-best Latin America single-country ETF of 2013 is accurate. It is also somewhat misleading because of the six country-specific LatAm ETFs, only the Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF (NYSEArca: ARGT) has traded...

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  • J.P. Morgan Provides Modest Boost to Mexico ETF

    12-20-2013 01:48 PM by Todd Shriber

    The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) rose 1% Friday after J.P. Morgan revealed an overweight rating on the largest trading partner of the U.S. EWW's Friday gain eats into a year-to-date loss that stood at 4% heading into Friday's session, giving the $2.4 billion ...

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  • BlackRock Isnt too Fussed on These Emerging Markets

    12-11-2013 10:00 AM by Todd Shriber

    With the end of 2013 in sight, it is fair to say it has been a rough year for emerging markets investors. It is also fair to say that, in recent months, some green shoots have started to emerge. For example, exchange traded funds tracking equities in steady, lower beta develop...

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  • After a Disappointing Year, Advisors Wade Into LatAm ETFs

    11-22-2013 07:30 AM by Todd Shriber

    No doubt it has been a disappointing year for exchange traded funds tracking Latin American equities. The iShares Latin American 40 ETF (NYSEArca: ILF) is down 14.2% and all but one of the region's single-country ETFs are in the red this year. That includes steep losses for th...

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  • 10 Worst Global Equity Markets By Single-Country ETFs

    11-17-2013 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Apologies for following up good news with glum tidings, but some single-country exchange traded funds have really struggled this year. As we noted on Thursday, for most of the world's major equity bourses, 2013 has been a good year. There have also been plenty of forgettable p...

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  • Be Choosy With Emerging Market ETFs

    10-23-2013 07:30 AM by Tom Lydon

    Growing current-account deficits, hot money exposure and a cooling China are just some reasons why investors are taking a closer look at emerging market exchange traded funds as more become selective in their foreign exposure. HSBC Holdings Plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and In...

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  • Investors Take Second Look at Pummeled Emerging Market ETFs

    09-10-2013 04:25 PM by Tom Lydon

    Investors have been put off from emerging market exchange traded funds after the recent dip. However, large money managers are coming back, pointing to excessive declines as a good buying opportunity. The recent sell-off "is very much of a psychological thing that will pass on...

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  • Unexpected Rate Cut Helps Mexico ETF Rally

    09-09-2013 03:30 PM by Tom Lydon

    In a surprise move, Mexico's central bank slashed the country's key rate to a record low, supporting the anemic economy and bolstering the country-specific exchange traded fund. The iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) was up more than 3% on Monday to follow up on Fr...

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  • Some Bright Spots in Emerging Market ETFs

    08-14-2013 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Emerging markets have been clobbered this year, but exchange traded funds that track Mexico and Chinese small-caps are picking up speed off their June low. David Fabian of Fabian Capital Management on ETF Daily points out that the iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWW)...

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  • Bargain Hunting in Emerging Market ETFs

    07-15-2013 04:20 PM by Tom Lydon

    After the speculation on Fed "tapering," hot money exited emerging market exchange traded funds, but some believe the area now offers cheap investment opportunities, pointing to faster growth and higher yields than developed economies. In June, a record $37 billion was pulled ...

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  • Single-Country ETFs for Emerging Markets Slammed by Fed Talk

    06-05-2013 10:06 AM by Tom Lydon

    Concerned that free flowing liquidity from years of loose monetary policies will soon come to an end, investors are shifting away from emerging market assets and exchange traded funds. The Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: VWO) lost 3% over the past month. The fund...

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  • Mexico ETF Boosted by Expanding Economy

    02-11-2013 09:05 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico is the new focus of the Latin American economies, as the banking industry is in a growth spurt. Investors could consider the exchange traded fund for diversified portfolios as the middle class expands and wages rise. "The demand for bank stocks in Mexico is very large r...

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  • Why the Mexico ETF is up 30% this Year

    12-31-2012 08:45 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico has a profitable export market and has even captured some of China's trade share. The iShares MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index ETF (NYSEArca: EWW) offers investors near-term opportunity, however, the United States must be able to get economic growth back on track. Th...

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  • PIMCO Total Return ETF Manager Gross Offers 5 Investing Tips

    12-24-2012 10:35 AM by Tom Lydon

    For the exchange traded fund investors who are reluctant to just sit idly by while the government hikes up taxes and diminishes overall wealth, PIMCO's resident bond guru, Bill Gross, suggests a couple of steps to hedge the pending wealth tax. Gross manages the PIMCO Total Ret...

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  • Hot Single-Country Emerging Market ETFs

    12-19-2012 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Emerging market economies are most commonly accessed through broad-based funds such as the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (NYSEArca: EEM). There are various single-country ETFs that have performed well in 2012, and give targeted exposure to a desired emerging economy. In 20...

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  • Defensive ETFs to Shield Against the Fiscal Cliff

    12-14-2012 04:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The economy and markets are humming along, but potential risks still loom, namely the so-called fiscal cliff. For the more pessimistic investors, it could be time to look over some defensive exchange traded fund options. While Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive officer at Pacif...

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  • Emerging Market ETFs That Go Against the Grain

    10-11-2012 11:56 AM by Tom Lydon

    Many investors and advisors remain cautious on the emerging markets because of perceived risks, such as the housing bubble in China and the drug war in Mexico, but some exchange traded funds that track these emerging markets are painting a different picture. Prominent hedge fu...

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  • Mexico Shines in Latin American ETFs

    07-31-2012 07:18 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico has been outperforming behind the scenes, as investors have focused their attention on the doom and gloom in the Eurozone and the U.S. The exchange traded fund iShares MSCI Mexico Index (NYSEArca: EWW) has popped above its 200 day-moving-average. "Economists are predict...

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  • Mexico ETF Surges After New Pro-Reform President Elect

    07-22-2012 07:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexico exchange traded fund has vaulted almost 15% over the last month after the newly elected president pledged to enact market-friendly economic reforms. The iShares MSCI Mexico Index Fund (NYSEArca: EWW) increased 14.7% over the past month and is up 19.8% year-to-date. ...

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  • Emerging Market ETFs: Higher Growth, Better Demographics

    06-11-2012 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Investors seeking to capitalize on a single country's growth should consider that an expanding, robust economy needs active participants to fully maximize a country's potential. With developed economies suffering from an aging population, there might be better opportunities in em...

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  • Best Emerging Market ETFs

    02-22-2012 07:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    With global growth, copious liquidity and low interest rates spurring riskier investment strategies, emerging market equities and exchange traded funds have been among the most attractive assets this year. "The main argument for investing in international equities is for diver...

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  • The Contrarian: Single-Country ETFs

    08-23-2011 03:52 PM by Tom Lydon

    Many exchange traded funds that track individual countries have been beaten to a pulp in 2011. Some bargain hunters see cheap valuations in these hard-hit ETFs despite global debt and economic tensions. Last week, we took a look at some of the most oversold ETFs measured by di...

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  • Mexico Draws Investor Interest

    08-12-2011 08:18 AM by Tom Lydon

    Drug cartel related violence in Mexico has caused thousands of deaths and dampened economic growth. Nevertheless, a new study found that foreign investment into Mexico's economy seems to be on the rise. According to the Mexico's Economy Ministry, foreign direct investment (FDI...

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  • Potential Opportunities In Emerging Market ETFs

    03-16-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    A mix of warning signs are popping up in the emerging markets. However, emerging market exchange traded funds (ETFs) aren't all moving in lock step, and investors may wade through the waters to find stability. For some emerging markets, growth is slowing, inflation is rising a...

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  • Mexico ETF: Mining Sector Cashes In On the Rush for Metals

    02-28-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Higher metals prices have prompted greater interest in mining operations, and the Mexico exchange traded fund (ETF) could benefit from the influx of cash in merger and acquisitions in Mexico's mining sector. Mexico's Mining Chamber stated that around 50 sites are potential tar...

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  • The Risk Facing Mexico ETF

    02-10-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's peso has been on a clear uptrend against the U.S. dollar, but that may not necessarily be a great thing for the iShares MSCI Mexico (NYSEArca: EWW) exchange traded fund (ETF). Pressure on Mexican policymakers is rising along with the peso, but they're hesitant to inte...

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  • Mexico ETF: Banking On the U.S. Economy

    01-23-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's exchange traded fund (ETF) has more or less been holding its own. But for real gains, it may have to piggyback off the U.S. economy. Despite escalating violence in Mexico's war against the drug cartel, Mexico's stock market, the BOLSA, doubled the performance of the M...

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  • Mexico ETF: An Improved Growth Outlook

    01-17-2011 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    While one ratings agency outlines a pessimistic outlook for Mexico, the economy has jumped back from one of its worst recessions on record, and reports of upward revisions in growth could translate to a good year for Mexico country-specific exchange traded fund (ETF). Of course, ...

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  • 5 Latin America ETFs to Watch in 2011

    12-28-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Latin America is one emerging market region to keep close tabs on. But the region has a lot of moving parts, which has resulted in varying performance in their exchange traded funds (ETFs). Brazil. It's been a flat year for Brazil. iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund (NYSEArca: EWZ...

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  • Retail ETF in the Spotlight as Black Friday Looms

    11-22-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The markets are moving on Thanksgiving spirit and certain exchange traded funds (ETFs) are worth minding this week as things develop. Don Dion for The Street noted five ETFs investors should watch this week, including: Market Vectors Agribusiness (NYSEArca: MOO) iShares ...

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  • New Connections Boost Mexico ETF

    11-02-2010 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's economy and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are expanding so quickly that not even fierce competition from China is getting in the way. Mexico's economy grew 7.25% in August from a year earlier, according to a national statistics agency. Jonathon J. Levin for Bloomberg B...

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  • Mexico ETF Unfazed by Cartel Violence

    10-11-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Despite ongoing violence related to the drug cartel battle raging across the border, Mexico's stock market and exchange traded fund (ETF) have been doing quite well this year, thanks in part to a booming tourism industry. International tourism to Mexico increased to 7.1 millio...

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  • Latin America ETFs: It's Not All About Brazil

    08-25-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Brazil's economy largely dominates South America, but other emerging Latin American economies are also showing some promise. Good news: there are exchange traded funds (ETFs) for them, too. The Brazilian Central Bank President Henrique Meirelles expects that the economy will ...

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  • A Glimpse at an Ivy League ETF Portfolio

    08-24-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    It's far from any sort of secret that Harvard's endowment likes exchange traded funds (ETFs). Recent filings show just how much, in fact. Harvard's endowment disclosed in SEC filings that it favored emerging markets ETFs, raising its positions in them in the second quarter whi...

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  • 3 ETFs for Mexico's Growth Forecast

    08-18-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's economy and exchange traded fund (ETF) were caught up in a mix of negative reports about drug wars and border disputes. But in the last six months or so, the picture has started to brighten. Talk about a comeback. Andres Martinez for Bloomberg reports that Mexico's fi...

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  • Mexico ETF Gearing Up for Good Times

    08-04-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexico exchange traded fund (ETF) had a solid second quarter, in line with the country's economic performance. But Mexico's Central Bank is holding off on making any big moves just yet. Some of the good things happening in the economy lately include: Exports have been ...

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  • Asia ETFs: Developed or Emerging, You Have Options

    06-24-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have made it easier for the regular investor to gain access to China and other Asian emerging markets. Still, emerging economies aren't for the conservatives at heart since they come with greater risk and higher volatility. The iShares FTSE/Xinhua ...

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  • BlackRock Views Mexico As ETF Hotspot

    06-19-2010 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's economy is heating up fast, and BlackRock - the owner of the iShares line of exchange traded funds (ETFs) - has no intention of missing out on our Southern neighbors' growth. BlackRock intends to double its portfolio in Mexico to $26 billion within the next three yea...

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  • Border Problems Could Hold Back Mexico ETF

    06-01-2010 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Despite the debilitating effects of the escalating violence between Mexico's drug gangs, Mexico's economy expanded for the first time in more than a year, and the its exchange traded fund (ETF) may continue to improve as trade increases between the United States and Mexico. Me...

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  • Latin America's ETF Hot Spots

    05-28-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Recent pullbacks aside, Latin America's exchange traded funds (ETFs) are still worthy of a little attention. Several of them, in fact, remain above their 200-day moving average and have held up relatively well through the market's tumult. Only three Latin America-focused ETFs ...

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  • Global ETFs in Harvard's Portfolio: Do They Make the Grade?

    05-27-2010 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Harvard's endowment loves exchange traded funds (ETFs) - it's true. In its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we're privy to which ETFs in particular it loves, and which ETFs, not so much. As the richest university in the United States, Harva...

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  • Will Your Money Be Safer In Latin America ETFs?

    05-14-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    As a new fiscal crisis emerges in the developed world, investors may be inclined to push more money into the developing Latin America markets and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Robust growth and large reserves of natural resources are just some reasons to keep an eye on Latin Amer...

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  • Mexico ETF Worth a Celebration on Cinco de Mayo

    05-05-2010 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! While you're mixing up a fresh batch of margaritas and guacamole, let's take a look at Mexico's exchange traded fund (ETF), which has performance of late that's worthy of a little celebration. What a difference a quarter makes. Mexico's economy grew 4% in ...

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  • The Best ETFs to Play the Brazil-Mexico Rivalry

    03-26-2010 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Brazil's economy with its steadfast and robust growth is something to envy, and envy is exactly what Mexico is feeling. While both countries' economies and related exchange traded funds (ETFs) have experienced remarkable gains, Brazil's denizens seem to be happier about their sit...

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  • 4 Reasons Mexico Is Just as Hot as Brazil

    03-11-2010 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The Mexican economy has its ups and downs, however, the resource-rich country often gets lost in the shadow of its Latin American counterparts - especially Brazil. But Mexico has promise and an exchange traded fund (ETF) to ride its coattails. Mexico may not have as many fans ...

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  • 7 ETFs for Latin America's Recovery

    02-25-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Latin America isn't content to just sit back and let the recovery happen to its exchange traded funds (ETFs). The region is taking matters of growth into its own hands, joining forces with Caribbean nations to discuss forming a bloc that would promote better economic well-being. ...

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  • Mexico ETF Hit By Lackluster U.S. Economy

    02-12-2010 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The stumbling U.S. economy is hitting Mexico's exchange traded fund (ETF) and economy on two fronts: remittances and a lack of demand for exported goods on the part of American consumers. Jason Beaubien for Reuters says that Mexico experienced the largest decrease in money sen...

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  • Step Aside, BRIC ETFs: What About the 'MAVINS'?

    01-11-2010 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia, China) exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been much-ballyhooed in the wake of the global economic recovery, but there's a new acronym in town: the MAVINS. BRIC countries  have been given a lot of press lately, but there are other interesting thi...

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  • How Latin America ETFs Withstood the Hardships

    01-03-2010 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    One area of the world has endured the stresses of the global economic implosion and financial crunch relatively well. Latin America's economies, along with related exchange traded funds, may be set for a speedy return to growth, but some may not pick up as fast due to their relia...

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  • Look Past Brazil ETFs to Find Latin America Opportunities

    12-24-2009 11:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Sure, Brazil has been a stellar emerging market , but it's not the only country in the economically vibrant Latin America. You have several options with exchange traded funds (ETFs) to play this region. Usually, investors are speaking the "B" word when it comes to investing in...

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  • Mexico ETF: Two Keys to Its Success

    12-19-2009 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    An appreciating U.S. dollar may have some investors rearranging their allocation to riskier emerging market exchange traded funds (ETFs) in favor of markets with greater ties to the U.S. economy. A person only needs to look south of the border to find one of the United States' mo...

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  • Mexico ETF: Will Complacency Slow It Down?

    11-28-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    After a year of seemingly endless problems sprouting up, Mexico's officials may have become complacent. It could be a stumbling block on the way to economic and exchange traded fund (ETF) health if the situation doesn't change. Mexico was fettered to the United States as both ...

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  • Mexico ETF: Can It Rise Above Swine Flu and Violence Fears?

    10-10-2009 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's economy and exchange traded fund (ETF) took a drubbing in the economic downturn. But now the Latin American country is looking to the future and figuring out its next step. Mexico's economy is showing early signs of recovering from its deepest recession since 1995. E...

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  • Mexico's ETF: Why It's Doing So Well Despite Glum Economy

    08-25-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    After a deep contraction, Mexico's economy, along with related exchange traded fund (ETF), may have no where left to look to but up. Nevertheless, the economy has a couple of snags to overcome. Mexico's economy, Latin America's second largest, contracted 10.3% in the second qu...

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  • How Trading Relationships Affect Mexico's ETF

    07-24-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Staying connected to other countries is generally a boon during years of prosperity. But Mexico is learning that its economy and related exchange traded fund (ETF) are now at the mercy of economic dips of its trading partners. Around 80% of Mexico's exports go to the United St...

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  • Why Harvard Is Loading Up on Emerging Market ETFs

    05-19-2009 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    What's leading one of the nation's top endowments - Harvard University's, to be exact - to load up on emerging market exchange traded funds (ETFs)? In Harvard's top U.S.-listed holdings for the end of the first quarter, the most copious amount of U.S.-listed equity holding...

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  • As Latin America Accepts Help, What It Means for ETFs

    05-02-2009 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Some Latin American countries may benefit from aid given by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Mexico's economy could fall ill to the new swine flu. Be it good or bad, related exchange traded funds (ETFs) could help gauge the effects. In the past, Latin American countri...

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  • How Mexico's ETF Can Prevail Over Challenges

    04-15-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico is a country in transition right now, but what's the outlook for their economy and exchange traded fund (ETF)? Mexico's economy is set to shrink 2.8% this year based upon falling exports, underscoring the deep troubles that led it to seek help from the International Mon...

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  • What Mexico's Drug War Means for Its Economy and ETF

    03-19-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    The crackdown on the drug cartels by Mexico's government has tourists wary of the ongoing violence, and the instability may spill over to affect the country's economy  and related exchange traded fund (ETF). In a matter of days after Calderón's term started, he dispatched the ...

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  • How Can Mexico Turn Peso and ETFs Around?

    02-07-2009 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    In addition to taking a hit from the global financial crisis, the Mexican peso continues to weaken and lose ground to the U.S. Dollar.  This can be devastating to the third world country and exchange traded funds (ETFs) that are influenced by the Mexican currency. Tom Petruno f...

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  • Mexico Economy, ETF Dependent On Remittance

    01-30-2009 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Job opportunities in growing countries are highly coveted by workers in poorer countries, but recent unemployment rates in the United States has affected the remittance that helped boost Mexico's economy and subsequent exchange traded fund (ETF). After major job cuts in the U....

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  • How the Recession Has Hit Mexico, ETF

    01-06-2009 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico has been practicing fiscally-prudent stable macroeconomics to protect its economy and exchange traded fund (ETF), but now it looks like it was not enough to shield against the long reaches of recession. Economists have lauded the shrewd economic policies that reduced de...

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  • 2 Factors Impacting Mexico and ETF

    12-29-2008 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Retail sales in Mexico are flatlining, as the numbers fell for the second straight month since October, giving investors and exchange traded funds (ETFs) a reason to feel edgy. Just as in the United States, consumers in Mexico are not buying household items such as appliances ...

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  • Mexico's ETF: A Tale of Two Economies?

    11-06-2008 06:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    While Mexico and its exchange traded fund (ETF) have been hit in the global turmoil,  some of the country's officials claim that they've sidestepped the worst of it. Others, however, seem to feel that more slowing is in the offing. Overall, the country is maintaining its growt...

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  • Latin American ETFs Hit Hard By Lower Growth Forecasts

    10-02-2008 03:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Latin America's exchange traded funds (ETFs) were hit hard today, and its fastest economic expansion in 30 years might be coming to an end. The global credit crunch has been stunting investment and dampening demand for the region's commodities, say Joshua Goodman and Sebas...

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  • Falling Exports, Car Sales Ding Mexico's ETF, Economy

    09-12-2008 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    The global economy and related exchange traded funds (ETFs) have encountered a big slowdown, and Mexico is no exception. But at least one official in the country is optimistic that the light is at the end of the tunnel. Mexico's Finance Minister Agustin Carstens said Tuesday t...

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  • Mexico ETF Bucking the Trend on Strength of Components

    08-24-2008 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico and its exchange traded fund (ETF) are feeling down in the dumps, but its outpacing some other regions. The iShares Mexico Fund (EWW) has fared better than Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada, Australia and Brazil to name a few, so what gives? It could be that although growth ...

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  • Mexico ETF's Top Holdings Are Moving and Growing

    08-15-2008 01:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's exchange traded fund (ETF) has found itself driven by successes in its telecommunications and cement components. The top holdings in iShares MSCI Mexico (EWW) are America Movil (AMX) at 24% and Cemex at 11%. AMX is one of the largest providers of fixed line and wirele...

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  • Mexico, Chile ETFs Dust Off After Currencies Stumble

    08-06-2008 01:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Latin American exchange traded funds (ETFs) are dusting themselves off today after faltering yesterday. The Chilean peso fell for a third straight day after the Federal Reserve hinted that it would raise rates this year. The central bank wound up keeping interest rates exactly...

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  • Could Mexican and Peso ETFs Be Saying Ole Soon?

    07-24-2008 10:00 AM by Tom Lydon

    Currency exchange traded funds (ETFs) could reflect the news that Mexico's peso strengthened the most since 2002. Investors bet against the gap between the U.S. and Mexican benchmark lending rates widening and signaled attention toward the nation's fixed-income securities. ...

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  • Peso Is At Five-Year High and ETF Hits New Levels

    07-17-2008 12:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Mexico's peso is at a five-year high, and it could be just the thing to make the currency's exchange traded fund (ETF) shout, "Ole!" The CurrencyShares Mexican Peso Trust (FXM) closed yesterday at an all-time high. It's up 6.6% year-to-date. The rise was attributed to the gain...

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  • Latin ETFs Deliver Heat Over Last Five Years

    07-10-2008 02:00 PM by Tom Lydon

    Over the last five years, Latin America's exchange traded funds (ETFs) have shown they've got the moves. What's more, the region is exhibiting signs of being a reliable long-term sector, says Tom Sullivan for Barron's. Latin America gets a special boost in the area of natural ...

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Number of Holdings: 58

Consumer Staples 20.8%
Financials 20.8%
Telecommunications 17.8%
Materials 15.7%
Industrials 12.5%
Consumer Discretionary 10%
- 1.4%
Health Care 1%
Telecom Carriers 17.6%
Unknown 15.1107%
Banks 13.1%
Beverages 9.6%
Mass Merchants 7.6%
Publishing & Broadcasting 7.1%
Cement & Aggregates 6.2%
Base Metals 4.5%
REIT 3.6%
Infrastructure Construction 2.6%
Transport Support Services 2.4%
Precious Metal Mining 2.2%
Packaged Food 2.2%
Basic & Diversified Chemicals 1.9%
Household Products 1.8%
Specialty Pharma 1%
Department Stores 1%
Mexico 100%
Large-cap 84.7%
Unknown 15.3%

Number of Holdings: 58





Market Cap


15.6% AMXL America Movil SAB de... Communications 1084976000000 Mexico
7.5% FEMSAUBD Fomento Economico Me... Consumer Staples 491249990000 Mexico
7.0% TLEVISACPO Grupo Televisa SAB Communications 293866280000 Mexico
5.4% GFNORTEO Grupo Financiero Ban... Financials 225199100000 Mexico
4.9% WALMEX Wal-Mart de Mexico S... Consumer Staples 666786300000 Mexico
4.4% CEMEXCPO Cemex SAB de CV Materials 188434220000 Mexico
4.4% GMEXICOB Grupo Mexico SAB de ... Materials 352037700000 Mexico
3.3% FUNO Fibra Uno Administra... Financials 124903470000 Mexico
3.2% GFINBURO Grupo Financiero Inb... Financials 279881840000 Mexico
3.2% ALFAA Alfa SAB de CV Materials 166306460000 Mexico

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