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ETF Trends Model Portfolio Selection

Almost There

Who Are You? Now you're getting close. Perhaps those baby-faced kids are all grown up and in college. Your house may be nearly paid off at this point and you're feeling good about where you are.

Now you're really thinking about just what kind of retirement you want to have. Perhaps you want to...

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Go Getter

Who Are You? You're a young twenty-something. You've just entered the workforce, perhaps in your chosen field of study, and now you're in it for the long-haul. You've got lots of time to prepare for retirement and you don't need the money right now, so you're prepared to stomach a considerable...

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In Betweener

Who Are You? Now you're smack in the middle of life. You own a home, you're mid-career. You might have a few children for whom you've got grand plans (perhaps an Ivy League education and a wedding?). It's going to require more careful planning and saving.

Perhaps you've gotten a few promotions and...

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The Golden Years

Who Are You? You're someone who's probably patting yourself on the back right now. And you should be. After all, you worked really hard to get where you are today. You did all the right things: you began investing when you graduated college and you watched your portfolio closely as it grew through...

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Whoa Slow Down a Little

Who Are You? You're in your late 20s or early 30s. Maybe you're at the point where you're thinking about starting a family and buying a home. Either way, you're thinking about the future a little more than you might have been a decade ago, and your priorities have shifted along the way. One thing...

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