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Beyond Short-Term Bond Funds: New Solutions for Rising Rates
Rising interest rates are all but inevitable. In fact, rates have already begun to rise from their near historic lows. Smart advisors like you are already planning, or even moving assets around, to position your clients for a period of rising rates. But you may not know several of the newest options available to you.

Moderated by Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, our panel of experts will discuss:

  • The long bull run for Treasurys, and how tapering could finally end it
  • What fixed income strategies, and their pros/cons, investors are using to maintain yield income while reducing exposure to interest rates
  • New ways to keep clients in familiar bond investments, while shielding them against the negative impact of rising rates

Featured Speakers:

  • Simeon Hyman, CFA, Head of Investment Strategy, ProShares
  • Steve Sachs, Head of Capital Markets, ProShares
  • Michael Rawson, CFA, Fund Analyst, Passive Funds Research, Morningstar

Smart Beta: Exploring the Value of Equal Weight Indexes
Join Tom Lydon, Editor & Publisher of ETF Trends, as he moderates a conversation on Smart Beta:

  • Equal Weighted indexes in the Smart Beta landscape
  • The benefits of Equal Weight diversification and disciplined rebalancing
  • Equal Weight sector methodology – Striking a better balance
  • Equal Weight Indexes and ETFs – Historical perspective from Russell and Guggenheim

Featured Speakers:

  • David A. Koenig, CFA, FRMInvestment Strategist, Russell Indexes, Russell Investments
  • William H. Belden, IIIManaging Director, Product Development, Guggenheim Investments

How Covered Call ETFs May Be Able to Provide Income and Low Volatility ETFs
Against a backdrop of low interest rates, investors may be finding it difficult to maintain the level of income they need from their investment portfolios. Covered call writing is a method for generating additional income from a stock portfolio. It has been used for decades by professional investors aiming to enhance yield while reducing volatility.
Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, as he moderates this discussion on how a Covered Call strategy can potentially increase the income and reduce the volatility of a core equity position in the S&P 500® by:

  • Exchanging the uncertainty of capital gains for the greater certainty of monthly premium income
  • Selling options on up to 100% of each eligible stock rather than the index as a whole
  • Dynamically setting strike prices 0.75 standard deviation out-of-the-money (OTM)*
  • Lowering risk via sector-based ETFs

Featured Speakers:

  • Howard Atkinson, CFA, CIMA®, Managing Director, Horizons ETFs
  • Joe Cunningham, Executive Vice President and Head of Capital Markets, Horizons ETFs
  • Berlinda Liu, Director, Index Research and Design, S&P Dow Jones Indices
  • Jon Najarian, co-Founder, optionMONSTER® and tradeMONSTER®

Smart Beta: Trends in Institutional Portfolio Construction
Join Tom Lydon, Editor & Publisher of ETF Trends as he moderates a conversation on Smart Beta:

  • What is Smart Beta? Concepts, evolution and indexes
  • Institutional Smart Beta usage and portfolio implementation strategies
  • Smart Beta index methodologies and outcomes: Equal Weight, Low Volatility and Fundamental

Featured Speakers:

  • Rachel Carroll, CFASr. Consultant, Americas Institutional, Russell Investments
  • Tom Goodwin, PhDSr. Research Director, Indexes, Russell Investments

Investing Directly in China A-Shares
Hong Kong shares from China have historically disappointed investors, and direct, mainland China-based investments are restricted to domestic investors. Demand for China equities by foreign investors is exploding, and advisors are finally able gain exposure to China A shares without relying on derivative investments.
Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, Luke Oliver, Director, DBX Group at Deutsche Bank, and Larry Adam, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist for Asset Management of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, as they discuss:

  • Opportunities in China: drivers for growth and how to access it
  • Currency risk and how to manage it
  • International markets overview and considerations for diversification and portfolio risk

Maximizing Dividend Growth Trends
Non-traditional dividend companies and sectors are leading the way in dividend growth recently. Exploiting these opportunities requires dynamic, forward-looking methods.  Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends and Jeremy D. Schwartz, CFA, Director of Research, at WisdomTree Asset Management as they discuss:

  • Index methods used to capture future dividend opportunities
  • Portfolio construction and asset allocation considerations
  • Who are the highest dividend payers?
  • How WisdomTree packages this strategy in a simple ETF form

Rising Rates and Your High Yield Portfolio: Are You Ready?
Now’s the time to position client portfolios for a rising rate environment. Interest rates on 10-year U.S. Treasurys have risen almost 30% since Fed Chairman Bernanke introduced the concept of “tapering” to Wall Street. Learn about strategies that can hedge against rate risk while maximizing benefits of high yield bonds.

Moderated by Tom Lydon of ETF Trends, our panel of experts will discuss:

  • The outlook for interest rates—where we are and where we’re headed
  • How rates are affecting different segments of the bond market, especially high yield
  • What investors and their advisors are doing in response, and how ProShares can help
  • ETF Solutions to hedge client portfolios against rising rates

Featured Speakers:

  • Michael Anderson, High Yield Strategist, Citigroup
  • Stephen Sachs, Head of Capital Markets, ProShares
  • Troy Goldstein, Head of National Accounts, ProShares

Investment Strategies for Balancing Current Income in a Rising Rate Environment
Advisors are forced to look at income differently today. Faced with a number of issues, including historically low yields and the threat of rising interest rates, the investment landscape has changed. Learn how to minimize these challenges and how to take advantage of more income opportunities. Join ETF Trends and State Street Global Advisors on this informative webcast discussing:

  • Identifying challenges in today’s fixed income market
  • Not all fixed income is the same: current areas of opportunity
  • How to position your client portfolios for a rising rate environment
  • How to balance your current income
  • How SPDR strategies can help investors access yield and manage interest rate risk

Featured Speakers:

International Investing Opportunities
Several non-US equity markets have experienced significant growth as many countries have benefited from higher exports and organic economic recoveries.  The international equity market presents opportunities not seen in recent years.

Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, Martin Kremenstein, Managing Director, Head of Passive Investments, and Larry Adam, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist for Asset Management of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management as they discuss:

  • Exploiting equity opportunities abroad
  • Managing portfolio volatility
  • Portfolio construction using international ETFs

How is Morningstar’s Wide Moat Approach Living Up to Buffett’s Standards?
Another quarter, another nine stocks swapped in and out of the Morningstar® Wide Moat Focus IndexSM. Learn which wide-moat companies made the cut and how the Index performed relative to the S&P® 500 throughout the quarter.  Join Tom Lydon, Editor of ETF Trends, as he moderates a panel discussion on:

  • Morningstar® Wide Moat Focus IndexSM Quarterly Performance
  • How Morningstar incorporates the wide moat concept into their equity research process
  • Index quarterly rebalance: Which companies made the cut?

Featured Speakers:

Increasing Yield with Multi-Asset Income Strategies
This webcast will discuss the benefits of diversifying yield exposure through an index-based, multi-asset global income strategy. Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, as he moderates a panel discussing:

  • How to navigate a rising interest rate environment
  • Multi-asset indexing and weighting methodologies
  • Why global and non-traditional income categories make sense

Featured Speakers:

Will Germany Remain Europe’s Engine of Growth?
Driven by strong exports, Germany’s economic recovery has been robust. That strength is fueling speculation — and pressure — about its role in assisting other European economies. In the end, perhaps the greatest challenge for the continent is not its equity markets, but the euro itself.

Join Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, for a special Webcast examining Europe’s recovery from the Great Recession, the outlook for the euro and strategies to help clients participate in today’s environment. Featured speakers, Heiko Peters, Deutsche Bank Economist, and Martin Kremenstein, Head of Passive Investments for Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management in the Americas, will discuss:

  • Where investors should look for optimal European exposure
  • How clients can effectively access the benefits of currency hedging
  • Best practices for incorporating currency-hedged strategies


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