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Market capitalization-weighted strategies dominate the fund industry. Alternatively, a new breed of smart-beta exchange traded funds that adhere to strict rules-based indices could help enhance an investment portfolio. On the recent webcast, Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank); Performance of ETFs Focused on Quality Stocks, Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Shares Investments, said that rules-based or custom index-based […]

Note: This article is courtesy of Iris.xyz By G. Benjamin Bingham Let me explain the title first, starting with a general historical definition of the words: “Impact on the Efficient Frontier,” to specific current usage: I mean the current buzzwords for all kinds of purposeful money practices, which boil down to: “impact investing.” Originally impact (impingere) […]

Exchange traded fund investors who are interested in tapping into the big growth names from the technology space have a number of broad and focused sector-specific ETF options to choose from. While owning U.S. tech has been a great way to access big returns, the growth sector has lagged this year. “We are going to […]

Each week ETF Trends publishes news, commentary and strategist stories surrounding the world of ETFs. Here’s a look at the Top 5 Strategist Stories of the Week for April 11-15, 2016: 1. The Practice Management Game of Behavioral Finance Market volatility not only creates an environment rife with behavioral errors, it can also rob even […]

The journey from developing a compelling investment thesis to launching an ETF can be an arduous one indeed. While the rewards for a truly unique ETF can be substantial, the upfront work and attention to detail that are required to make an ETF concept a reality often appear daunting to new issuers that are just […]

The emergence of target date funds (TDFs) has proven vitally important for the retirement industry.  Over the last 10 years, their significance has been magnified by key provisions of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA).  However, like most innovative solutions, their benefits are somewhat offset by drawbacks that deserve inspection. Here, we will take […]

While the broad U.S. equities market strengthened Thursday, the biotechnology sector looked under the weather, with sector-related exchange traded funds slipping to 52-week lows. On Thursday, the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (NasdaqGS: IBB) fell 3.6% and SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSEArca: XBI) dropped 3.5%. Year-to-date, IBB declined 19.2% and XBI decreased 26.4%. Both biotech ETFs […]

Currently, fixed income investors are more cautious toward credit risk than they were in 2015, especially among the more speculative segments of the market. How do we know? Yield spreads show the amount of compensation investors require to justify holding a risky security. As the first chart shows, option-adjusted spreads (or “OAS”) of issuers rated […]