The recently-revived Claymore Delta Global Shipping (NYSEArca: SEA) exchange traded fund (ETF) got the special treatment in ETF Research Center’s free weekly newsletter, getting the highest score of any ETF the company covers.

The ETF Research Center gives many ETFs an ALTAR score, which is designed to be a forward-looking method of rating ETFs. The factors on which this score are calculated are always changing. The score is used to compare ETFs on their investment merit both within a specific category and/or across categories. [Claymore’s Shipping ETF Comeback.]

Therefore, if an ETF has a high ALTAR score, ETF Research Center suggests that investors should consider buying. If an ETF has a relatively low ALTAR score, investors should consider selling. [ETF Research Center Focuses on the Future.]

ETF Research Center feels favorably about SEA based mostly on the global economic recovery and the fact that global trade should continue. Profitability of shippers should also continue to improve, and the Center has taken notice that forecasts for bigger profits have been rising in recent months. [Shipping ETFs Sail An Open Course.]

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