2812150081 First Trust is the latest to join the foreign-dividend focused exchange traded funds (ETFs), with its launch of First Trust Global Select Dividend Fund (FGD).  Other ETFs in this arena include iShares EPAC Select Dividend Index (IDV), PowerShares International Dividend Achievers (PID) and WisdomTree DEFA High Yielding ETF (DTH).

Roger Nusbaum for The Street.com reports that FGD is heavy in financials, but does have the least exposure of the foreign dividend ETFs.  Compared to the other ETFs, it has a higher weighting in utilities.  The country weightings include Australia at 28.41%, Great Britain at 22.14%, 20.08% to the U.S., and 8.01% to Canada. 

If you are looking for dividends and foreign exposure, it is important to know what is in each of these ETFs and how that may or may not fit into your portfolio.

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